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Griffins-Two weeks of self-isolation work

English- I will be setting you something completely different for you English isolation learning. You will not be learning what we are doing in class. However all the English work relates to the Year 5 English curriculum.


Week 1

Day 1 – Reading a Superhero poem, revising and then practising the use of relative clauses.


  1. Read a poem • Read Superheroes I could have been. • What do you like about the poem? Is there anything that you dislike about it? Can you spot any patterns? Which is your favourite idea for a superhero?
  2. 2. Learn about Relative Clauses • Use the PowerPoint or Revision Card to learn about Relative Clauses and Relative Pronouns. The PowerPoint gives you the teaching.  • Compete Superheroes 1 and 2. You could challenge yourself to complete Superheroes 3 as well.


Day 2 – Performing a Superhero poem, then writing using relative clauses.

Day 3 – Reading persuasive texts, revising the features of persuasive texts.   

Day 4 – Watching and analysing adverts. Sorting fact and opinion.  Writing their own advert script.

Day 5 – Reading a letter; annotating features of persuasive writing. Writing a paragraph and preparing a persuasive talk.    


Week 2

Day 1 – Children read and listen to the poem: What do you want to be? Reflect on the poem and write to the poet.  

Day 2 – Children read poems on the theme of keeping on. Answer comprehension questions and choose quotations from the poems.  

Day 3 – Children read: Hold Fast to Your Dreams. Revise metaphors and similes. Plan and write a new poem with a similar theme.   

Day 4 Teaching provided on the PowerPoint presentation* on modal verbs. Re-read What do you want to be? Search for modal verbs; write sentences about their future using these.

Day 5 – Children read and join in with What do you want to be? Use a frame to plan