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We are continuing to think about courage and being true to God and ourselves. Reflect on when you have had to show courage in school. When was this? Why did you have to show courage? How has it helped you to develop and grow stronger? Offer this experience to God and prayer that helps you again in the future.

Children's Mental Health Week

Our task today is to think about when you get anxious or worry about things. Is this a nice feeling? Is a something that happens often? Has it got worse since lockdown started and you have been staying at home. There are lots of different things we can do to lower our anxiety levels. Below are some cards that contain activities that may help you to calm yourselves. There are also blank cards for you to create some of your own.


Today we are continuing with fractions. We are looking at what is a fraction? There is a link to the videos found here


Alongside working through the video content, there is also a work sheet that will expand on knowing what a fraction is.


We are going to explore the next part of the story today. The sections of the text and pictures are below. As we have been doing make sure you record any vocabulary or phrases you do not understand to check their meaning later and see if you can use them in sentences.

We are going to focus in on the section that states "With five chosen men he would take the strongest boat and sail to the island of South Georgia..."


How do you think Shackleton chose these men? Put yourself into Shackleton's place, what would you be looking for in a man to go with you for help? What would the men have to be? What would their qualities be? How would they behave? Create a mind map or language cloud for all the things you think Shackleton would want. Use the word mat below to help you but remember you may not want all the characteristics!

Using your word cloud or mind map I would like you to write an advert for the crew explaining what type of sailor you are looking for to join you (Shackleton) on your rescue mission. You need to explain what the mission is, how you will be doing it and explain the type of man that needs to apply. Below is an example of the advert Shackleton used at the start of the expedition. You can use this to support your writing but remember to include the qualities (characteristics) of the people as well.


Today we are going to carry on creating chains of commands to make Sprite do a range of different things at once. Today we are going to try and make sprite walk. This is done through the knowing that each sprite has different costumes. The picture below shows the two main costumes for Sprite.


We change costumes in the look section. If we change between the two costumes very quickly it will give the image that they are Sprite running. 


If we then combine this with move from the motion section we can make Sprite walk across the screen!


See if you create a chain that will make Sprite move from one side of the screen to another.