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Want to hear a joke about a piece of paper?

Never mind … it’s ‘tearable’!



Good morning everyone, I look forward to seeing your faces on Zoom today at 9:00am where we can start the week with our reflection and talk all things Book Week!


The theme this week is forgiveness.

“The Lord has forgiven you, so you must also forgive.”

Colossians 3:13


Morning Lessons



LO: to continue to work on finding the area of a triangle.

With our White Rose planning, you are going to continue working on finding an area of a triangle over the next two days. Make a start by watching the video ‘Area of a Triangle (2)’ Remember to stop and pause the video when asked. After you have watched the video please complete the worksheet below:


You will need to begin today’s English lesson by listening to Chapter 4 ‘The Hurricane Makes Landfall”.


The London Eye Mystery: Chapter 4 - Year 6

Firstly after listening to this chapter did you spot any clues about Salim’s disappearance? We will discuss this during our afternoon zoom and I will re-visit the Chapter with you.

LO: to use persuasive techniques in my writing.

Revisit the section of Chapter 4 where Salim persuades his Mother (Aunt Gloria) to let them visit the London Eye. What techniques does he use?

Can you do a small amount of research on the most popular London Landmarks? Choose your favourite landmark now from the ones you have researched. Can you write a list of reasons why your chosen landmark is the best one to visit in London?


Write a short speech persuading someone to visit your popular London Landmark.



You are probably thinking. What on earth is DEAR TIME? It means…

Drop Everything And Read

So, drop everything right now, go, and find a nice quiet spot to read. Quick go! Spend 15/20 minutes reading a book of your choice.



See you at 12:00pm for our afternoon Zoom – we shall re-cap Chapter 4 of The London Eye Mystery.


Afternoon Lessons



LO: to know that Lent is a time to remember the suffering and death of Jesus.

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. The Priest blesses ashes (made from last year’s Palm Sunday palms) and makes a cross with them on the forehead of each person who comes to the altar. Now can you read through the Power Point carefully – you can make notes if you wish.

After, have a go at answering these reflective questions in your remote learning book.

  • What do the ashes symbolise?
  • What does the prayer said during the Ash Wednesday service remind us of as Christians?
  • What are we invited to think about and do during this time of Lent?
  • In what ways can we begin to live a new life?

Book Week - Choose one of the following afternoon activities:

Hope you have all had a great day; we have an exciting week ahead! See you tomorrow at 9:00am.


Mrs Jessup. xx