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We are looking at honesty again today. We are exploring the virtue of the truth. Truth is not just about avoiding telling lies but also about knowing why to be honest. People often talk about white lies or little lies, lies they don't think matter. Reflect on this, do you think any lies are small? Are there any lies you think are ok to tell? Do you believe it is ever ok to tell lies?



Today we are continuing to explore and look at fractions. Today we are looking at and exploring fractions that are greater than one. The video for this learning can be found in the video below.


Alongside working through the video content, there is also a work sheet that looks at find fractions that are greater than one.


Today we are going to go off of our book and look at a small one off project which is on our main class remote learning page. We are going to have a go at the paper beach "Where does reading take you?"


Begin by thinking about what are you favourite books to read. Create a list or go and collect your top 5 favourite books. What is it about these books you like so much? Create a mind map or word cloud or lit of all these things.


Here are my 5 favourite books:


Then when you have thought about why you enjoy thee books so much think about where do they take you? Why do you read them? Do you ever read them more than once? Why do you keep reading them?


With all of these thoughts in mind you can create anything to fulfil the question asked at the top of the page. "Where does reading take you?" You could:

Create a poem

Create a setting artwork

Create a written piece that answers the question

the choice is total up to you whatever you want to create however you must stick to black ink only! There is a poster below that has all the rules.


When you have finished your work please, please, please email it to


Below are a few examples to inspire you, one or two may even be from famous authors!



Task 1

As we are currently really lucky to have snow on the ground around us I would like you to create a poem that describes and explains snow and what it is like. Take the time to go outside and play in it, feel it, touch it, stamp it, roll it, throw it or anything else you can think of.


Your poem can be any type you would like as well, there are so many different types of poems to choose from.

There are some good videos to help you choose here


Task 2

We have spent all term looking at Antarctica and Shackleton's expedition. I would like you to create a poster to explain and show everything you have learnt this term. You can make it by hand or on the computer. I am not going to talk to much about this as it is your learning and the finished result is completely up to you. Please share them to me so I can put them online to show everyone our learning journey this term.