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This week is Book Week. The afternoons of this week are Book Week activities so have lots of fun and keep reading!


Tuesday Home Learning- Hobbits Class

Good morning Hobbits!



I hope you have had a lovely weekend. I am really looking forward to seeing you today at 11.00 and 1.00 on Zoom. We will be doing RE and Reflection in our first Zoom and Book Week Activity and going through any questions about the learning in the second. 


Have a wonderful day. 



Our theme in reflection this week is


Listen to this song and light a candle (with a grown ups permission) and take this moment to calm and quiet.

While listening to the song think about what does it mean to forgive?



Your task today is to edit and decorate your Acrostic poem. 


How can you improve your work?

With your decorations how can you make them match what the poem is telling you so that the reader has a clear idea on what it is going to be about. 


Here is a checklist that may help you.



We are focussing on Speech.

Today we are focussing on Punctuating Direct Speech.


It is your turn to be the teacher can you fix these children's work on Speech?

The worksheet is at the bottom of the page. 



  • Today’s Maths Learning

Week 6 Bar Charts - Watch the video and complete the questions in your books. There is a worksheet at the bottom of the page.


Book Week Activity

See you at 1 in Zoom!

Our Book Week story is 

Here is a link for the story again.


Your Task is to create a feelings board of your own. 

What feelings have you been feeling during Covid. 

Can you write an example? 


Here's the start of mine, you can magpie from mine if you want. 



Drop Everything and Read

Everyday this week at some point during the day you need to DROP EVERYTHING AND READ. This is where you stop what you are doing and read a book that you want to. Reading should be something we enjoy so doing it everyday will make us be able to enjoy it even more!



See you at 11!

Today we are focussing on that Lent is an opportunity for giving.


We are looking at the symbols of Lent. 


Your Task is to create an information poster on the symbols of Lent. 


Can you identify each symbol of Lent?

What do they represent?

What is their importance?


Group Activities

Red and Yellow Group - You must include all five symbols in your poster. 

Green and Purple Group - You must include at least three symbols in your poster. 

Blue Group - You must include at least two symbols in your poster. 


Make sure you read your book or a book from home and record it in your purple book.


Keep in contact my email is send me pictures, your work or just for a chat!

Stay safe.


Lots of love,

Miss Storti xx

Maths Worksheet

SPaG/GPS Worksheet