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Over two sessions we worked hard on creating bridges for DT project. We looked at creating a structure that is at least 30cm long, wide enough for track to sit on and strong enough to support the weight of the train.

Today we were really lucky to welcome Wendy, a paramedic, into the classroom so we could ask her questions around why she chose a life of service to others, how helping others is important and what her insperations were to become a paramedic. This was all linked to learning around Lent and being at the service of others.

A book week challenge that the children were encouraged to take part in was the creation of book spoon people. Children were given spoons to take home and turn into their favourite characters. Can you guess all the characters we made?

Today was our World Book Day celebration. We all came dressed up as different book characters. Can you guess what we are?

For the start of book week celebreations we travelled first to Wood Avenue library. We were warmly wlecomed, learnt about the library, had some reading time as well as getting our class library card. We then went to Waterstones to spend our book day vouchers. We were introduced to new books we maybe interetsed in reading as well as hearing a Norse myth around the Gods Loki and Thor.

At the end of last term we explored the fossilisation process. We learnt that over millions of years bones and other organic matter become a rock. We created our own footprint inspired fossils.

Today we were exceptioanlly lucky to welcome Tami, our resident instrumental teacher, into the classroom to share some of her varied rock, gem and mineral collection with the class. She introduced to different samples via the visualiser as well as linked it to our learning on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

Today we have been creating earthquake proof buldings. We explored how real life buildings are built in high frequency earthquake areas. We used what we had found out to try and create our own earthquake proof sky scrapers out of marshmellows and spaghetti.

Today we continued our learning around mixing paints for different effects to start to create some volcanic art works. We used our knowledge of colour mixing as well as how to manipulate paints for different effects.

Today we learning about the how the planet is made up of tectonice plates. We explored how the plates push and rub against each other. We explored that the pushing and rubbing creates mountains, earthquakes and volcanic erruptions

We took a creative break today to create nutcrackers for our winter hallway display.

In science we have been learning about magnets. Today we explored how different magnets have different amounts of attraction.

Our history learning today was focused on how we have changed from hunter gatherers to farmers and shops int eh modern age. We had a range of different statements that we needed to sort into modern or stone age.

Today we were investigating friction. We explored how different materials produce more or less friction than other surfaces.

Today was Hinduism day. We learnt about the three main aspects of God. We explored the Hinduism creation story. We finished by creating Aum symbols.

We created our own Staone Age inspired game today. We used a football as a dinosaur egg and then stone age people had to try and steal the dinosaur egg from the protecting dinosaur.

In history today we explored timelines and how long ago the Stone Age was. We used toilet roll to create our time lines, each square represented 50 year. We had to travel the classroom 4 times to go back far enough in time!

We explored push and pull forces. We were looking at how we make things move in the classroom, we sorted them into things that needed to push, pulled or both. We explored our outdoor space as well.

We drew around ourselves and then labeled bones we had drawn in for our skeleton. We then investigated if having a long femur means we can jump further.

We used atlases to find country flags, then found them on a map to identify the capital city and then guessed at landmarks in those places.

Voting, like adults, in the school council elections

Learning to find a passage in our new personal bibles.

We have been ordering some common foods we eat based on the nutrients that contain for our bodies.

We used place value counters to help us partition 3 digit numbers in a number of different ways, creating different groups of hundreds, tens and ones.

Today we thought about we have liked, disliked, favourite moments and any connections we can make to other stories in The Wild Robot