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Online Safety

Mr Langley held an online safety talk for parents (TERM 4) and took information from these two useful resources;

 Internet Matters and Childnet.


If you are looking for a comprehensive bank of resources for online safety go to the Internet Matters site by clicking on this link:


This site has guides for everything, from setting up parental controls to specific information about online APPs.



Parents know that keeping our children safe online is a growing challenge.  At Stella Maris we take this challenge very seriously.  The NSPCC has developed a range of resources to help parents protect their children when using the internet – please click on the links below to see them.


If you have a problem relating to online safety that you would like some help with, please get in touch with a member of the Senior Leadership Team and we will make sure you get the help and advice you need.

Click here to see the School’s Safeguarding Policies, including its Online Safety Policy.

Other websites you might find useful: