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Oscar Romero Award

The Oscar Romero Award

Who was Oscar Romero?

- Oscar Romero was born in El Salvador in 1917

When he was only 14 years old, Oscar wanted to be a priest so he went to study at junior seminary

- In 1937 Oscar Romero went to study in Rome and stayed there during World War 11

- In 1942 he was ordained as a priest and returned to El Salvador. During this time, Oscar worked tirelessly helping to provide food for the poor etc

- On the 21st June, Oscar Romero was made a Bishop

- Oscar Romero would often speak out about violence 

- He was a Cafod partner

- Oscar Romero died in 1980

- In 2014 Pope Francis agreed for Oscar Romero to be canonised and so he became a Saint

"This is what we are about: We plant the seeds that one day will grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise." Oscar Romero


The Oscar Romero Award 

The Oscar Romero Award is a framework that supports Catholic schools in recognising and celebrating what they do to support and promote the Catholic Social Teaching Principles, and they embed these into both their ethos and culture. The award has three levels, the Participator level, the Developer level and the Innovator level.


Stella Maris receive the Oscar Romero Award - Participator Level

On March 17th 2024, we received the Oscar Romero award, Participator Level which was amazing!

Some of the feedback we received was:

- "The report demonstrates that Catholic Social Teaching principles of dignity and solidarity were implicit in reflection time."

- "It is encouraging that themed weeks such as Black History Month are also used to focus on Chaotic Social Teaching through looking at the lives of well known figures such as Rosa Parks and Laurie Cunningham but what was also commendable was the inclusion of a local Folkestone man (Walter Tull) to show that prejudice exists everywhere."

- "It is clear that you are supporting a wide range of charities locally, nationally and internationally to further raise awareness of Catholic Social Teaching. You are not only raising funds, as important as this is, but also raising awareness through activities such as visiting a local care home to play games and engage residents in mindfulness colouring; developing a Compliments Jar to support those struggling as well as providing Christmas Hampers for vulnerable families and Christmas bags for the homeless. Raising money and then putting it behind the counter at a local Costa to provide hot drinks for the homeless who come in is a novel but very worthwhile idea."

-"The Sunshine Team are to be applauded on all their initiatives and clearly play a very active role in promoting Catholic Social Teaching principles such as the Common Good and Human Dignity."

-"Pupils have a 'voice' not only through the Sunshine Team but also through School Council and the Eco Team."

-"It is very encouraging that you are also engaging Parents in fund-raising through Advent and Lent Breakfasts which recently raised funds for a bereavement charity. Your Hardship Fund to help towards food, clothing and bills as well as a second-hand uniform to donate to those in need is also to be commended."