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Gardening Club

Gardening Club meet every Wednesday from 3:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.  starting in the Pixies Classroom.   


This club is run by Mrs Felicetti and Mrs Green and is open to all children from Year 1 (Pixies) to Year 6 (Unicorns) with around 16 spaces available.


Children must come with suitable clothes, footwear and gardening gloves.


Due to the nature of this club, children registered for this activity usually continue throughout the academic year in order to see their projects to fruition. To register your child's interest should a space become available  - please email


Dates for Term 5:-

Wednesday 24th April,  1st May, 8th May, 15th May,  22nd May


Dates for Term 4 :-

Wednesday 28th February,  6th March, 13th March, 20th March


Plans for Term 4 (weather dependent)

Week 1 - seed planting

Week 2 - garden tour and tidying with Sunshine Team

Week 3 - weeding bee and butterfly beds

Week 4 - planting out seedlings into grow bags in the greenhouse


Dates for Term 3:-

Wednesday 17th January, 24th January, 31st January, 7th February


Plans for Term 3 (weather dependent)

Week 1 - Weeding and preparing beds

Week 2 - Making and filling bird feeders with seeds

Week 3 - Propagating house plants in the greenhouse and looking at house plants

Week 4 - Assess temperature for planting seeds in trays



Term 5 - Using our hydroponic system to plant seedlings

Term 4 planting seedlings in grow bags

Term 3 - Week 2 making bird feeders

Term 3 - Week 1 Preparing the beds, weeding and pruning fruit bushes.

Term2 Week 4 - Christmas Crafts - making Seed Angels

Garden Maintenance Term 2 Week 3

Week 5 - We harvested our cress and made cress bagels. It tested fresh and peppery.

Week 4 - Mrs Green showed us some carrot plugs and then we went outside to plant them in big pots. The gardeners then planted cress and we put the trays in the greenhouse.

Week 3 - The Gardeners inspected the windmill on top of the greenhouse, which will power the hydroponic system. They did some weeding and picked the last of the blackberries, which we put in the freezer. The crocus' that were planted in the greenhouse have started to sprout.

Week 2 - Raf's mum donated some wild flower seeds for us to plant. We scarified the grass outside the greenhouse and sprinkled the seeds. We then covered the area over with soil. Then we tasted more blackberries. Mrs Green found a shield bug hiding in the plants.

During our first Gardening Club of the year we checked out the progress of our greenhouse where Mr Langley explained how the hydroponic system will work. We looked at the vents in the roof and at the wooden planters around the edge. We placed some packets of seeds in a drawer, ready to plant later in the year. After that, we looked at areas that need weeding and then we picked some blackberries, which we put in the freezer to cook another week.

Plans for Term 1


Week 1. Introduction, making plans, weeding

Week 2. Weeding and assessing development of greenhouse

Week 3. RHS award development

Week 4. Planting cress

Week 5. Harvesting cress and tasting - discussing growing our own food


This week we hung our bird feeders out and waited quietly to see what birds came along. We will check how much has been eaten when we are out next week.

The Gardeners made bird feeders using lard, seeds and fruit and they will hang them out in the Rainbow Garden area.

Making plans for our Gardening Areas November 2022

Autumn Gardening

This is Felipe's (Pixies) chili plant, grown from a seed and transported all the way from Switzerland!

Winners of gardening competition

Here are a selection of photos from when Gardening Club was up and running before school locked down.

Summer Special Newsletter 2020 Photos