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The Eco Council

Our Action Plan

  • Spreading the word about biodiversity
  • Clearing litter to ensure an environment that is healthy for humans and all creatures.
  • Reducing our own rubbish: by reducing, reusing, recycling and respecting our planet.

Just some of our new Eco Council members


Genesis 2:15


Our joint project with Jack in a Box Nursery

Setting up the Eco Trail on our outdoor day in June 2023

Some of our Eco activities 2022-2023

In November 2020 the Eco Council received the first Eco Schools award.



They did this by carrying out an environmental audit of the school and writing an action plan of how we can all work together to move forward.

Eco Schools and Remote Learning:




Whilst we all do our best to recycle, there are many plastics that cannot be recycled or that are designed to be used just once.


Please look at the links below and explore what plastic pollution is and how we can reduce it.





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Wonderful Work About The Environment