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Living out God's Mission

Living out God's Mission at Stella Maris

"Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as the noon." Isaiah 58:10





Pixies Fun Run - June 2024

Catholic Social Teaching Principle - Helping and protecting others

On Monday 18th June The Pixies completed a fun run for charity, running the length of the running track. The Pixies ran for a charity called Winstons Wish which helps and supports families in time of bereavement. This charity was chosen in memory of our George, The Pixies did amazingly well and managed to raise over £1500 for the charity, which will help so many families. . What a wonderful achievement and we are all very proud of the Pixies class! 

The Sunshine Team Cake Sale - May 2024

Catholic Social Teaching Principle - The Common Good

The Sunshine Team held a cake sale on Wednesday 22nd May and all the money raised will be put towards buying Bibles for the children who are going into Year 3 in September. The children will take these Bibles with them as they travel through Key Stage 2, and then have them as a special keepsake when they leave Stella Maris. The Sunshine Team, with the help from the school community, raised £150!!

Canon Victor Darlington came to visit - April 2024

On Friday 19th April we were excited to welcome Canon Victor Darlington to our school. Canon Victor met with some of the Sunshine Team members and he was so proud of how hard Stella Maris is working to promote the Catholic Social Teaching principles. It was wonderful to show Canon Victor around our school and share with him all the wonderful things we are doing. 

Our Wonderful Harley! - March 2024

Catholic Social Teaching Principle - Common Good

Harley grew her hair and then decided to have it cut off for the Princess Trust, to help make wigs for children. How wonderful is Harley!! She managed to raise £430 for the charity.

Our Lenten Fundraising - March 2024

Catholic Social Teaching Principles - Protecting the Poor

Throughout Lent, Stella Maris did lots of fundraising for Cafod. Each class held a different fundraising event during Lent. The Imps made tombola jars and sold them to the school community, raising £108. Pixies painted self portraits and sold them to their families, raising £95.05, Elves decided to do good jobs at home and managed to raise £90.00. Hobbits took part in the Cafod Big Lenten walk and raised £211. Dragons made some homemade cards which they sold to the school community and raised £91.42 and Griffins took part in a class marathon, raising £408.

During Lent, staff held a Lenten lunch of soup and bread, raising £32.00 and also sold unwanted books to families, raising £17.20. 

Stella Maris, in total (including our Lenten breakfast), raised over £1100 for Cafod. 

Lenten Breakfast - March 2024

Catholic Social Teaching Principle - Protecting the Poor

On Thursday 28th March we held our annual Lenten breakfast for our families, staff and governors. We had over 90 people attend and it was such a lovely event, allowing people time to share a meal and chat. We rasied over £200 pounds for our Lenten charity, Cafod. 

Spring Tea For the Elderly in our Community - March 2024

Catholic Social Teaching Principle - Human Dignity

On Wednesday 20th March, the Sunshine Team held a spring time tea for the elderly in our community. It was such a lovely afternoon, with sandwiches, cakes,  spring flowers and afternoon music, and the Sun was shining. The Sunshine Team wanted to do something special for the elderly in our community who help us or who might be lonely. We could not be more proud of the Sunshine Team, who raised all of the money themselves to buy the treats for our special visitors. 


"I want to thank you and your wonderful children and staff for such a great time yesterday afternoon.  I was given (actually we all were) such lovely care and hospitality right from the time I appeared when the Sunshine Team took charge of me and guided me into the place where it was all to happen! Thank you again for inviting me to be with you all.  You have a great school community of which you should be rightfully proud. "


"Ann and I so much enjoyed being with you all yesterday. Thank you so much for inviting us to meet your Sunshine club team and to their Summer tea party.  A joy to participate! It was inspiring to see all that the children are doing, the initiatives they are taking, their confident thinking and the positive results.

Please thank the Sunshine club for their kindness and generous hospitality.


The Sunshine Team Cake Sale - March 2024

Catholic Social Teaching Principle - Common Good

On Wednesday the 6th March The Sunshine held a cake sale and they managed to raise £175! All of the money raise is going to help organise a Springtime tea for the elderly in our community. During one of our Sunshine Team meetings, one of our members was telling us that her Grandma was feeling very lonely and so the Sunshine Team thought a sprngtime tea would bring people together! How Lovely. 

Visiting our friends - February 2024

Catholic Social Teaching Principle - Human Dignity

On Wednesday 7th February the Sunshine Team went to visit our friends at the local nursing home which we have started to make links with. We spent time with our new friends and played games with them, as well as doing some mindfulness colouring. We had such a lovely time and look forward to visiting them again in a few weeks time. 

Helping One Another - January 2023

Catholic Social Teaching Principle - Common Good

On Thursday 4th January, the Dragons class decided to think  about our Reflection theme of Kindness a little further. The children in Dragons decided to think about what a kind person does, says and does not do or say. They then created a compliment jar for others that may be struggling. They really thought carefully about what they could put in their jar and about the individual needing some kindness. 

Helping the Homeless this Christmas - December 2023

Catholic social Teaching Principle - Helping the Poor

On Thursday 14th December, the Sunshine Team walked to Costa coffee shop in Folkestone to buy a gift card for £60, which they then asked the staff in Costa to keep behind the till to buy coffees and hot drinks for any homeless person that comes in. The Sunshine Team spent the weeks before, raising this money by doing jobs at home. We were so proud of them all and of course we had to have a hot chocolate treat whilst we were there!!


Helping the Rotary Club - December 2023

Catholic Social Principle - Common Good

Throughout the month of December, lots of our staff volunteered to help the rotary club with their annual fundraising. Staff volunteered to walk with the Rotary Club on their evening walks, collecting money for those who might need a little extra help. All the money raised is used to help the community of Folkestone, who may be finding things difficult during the Christmas period.  

Christmas Hampers for Families - December 2023

Catholic Social Teaching Principle - The Common Good

Throughout December, staff were invited to donate goodies for families this Christmas. ON Thursday 14th December, after school, staff put these goodies together to create hampers for thirteen families in our school community. The hampers were full of wonderful Christmas gifts, including food, treats for the children, toiletries etc.

The Sunshine Team collection for the Homeless - December 2023

Our Catholic Social Teaching - Protecting the Poor and Human Dignity

During Advent, the Sunshine Team decided that they would like to collect items for the homeless so they asked the school community to help. The Sunshine Team managed to make up eleven wonderful Christmas bags for the homeless. In each bag there was some chocolate treats, a scarf, gloves, thick socks, a hat, toiletries, a picture or a message from the Sunshine Team etc. The bags were delivered to the Rainbow Centre in Folkestone, who will distribute the bags to the homeless. 

The Rainbow Centre sent us a message "Thank you so much for your kind donations.  We have made use of all the items by making up bags for all of Winter Shelter clients for Christmas gift bags and the surplus has gone in to stock to help others. We always appreciate donations but at what is a particularly difficult time for a lot of people they are even more appreciated, so again thank you very much."


"Do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased." Hebrews 13:16

Advent Breakfast - December 2023

Our Catholic Social Teaching - Protecting the Poor and The Common Good

On Friday 1st December, we came together as a school community to celebrate the beginning of Advent with a breakfast. Our families bought tickets to come and share breakfast with others and all of the money raised will be going towards our Advent fundraiser, a chosen bereavement charity. It was such a lovely event, with over 128 people attending and over £300 being raised for charity. 

The angel of the Lord said to them, "Do not be afraid, I bring you good news that will bring great joy."

Luke 2:10-11

Our Visit from the Bishop - November 2023

After our special from the Bishop on Wednesday 1st November, to celebrate All Saints' Day Mass, a member of the Elves class wanted to be just like the Bishop and so made his very own attire! How wonderful!!

Sunshine Team Cake Sale - October 2023

On Wednesday 18th October that Sunshine Team held a cake sale during the school day. They wanted to help raise money to help with our fundraising for Beautiful George's tree and bench. The Sunshine Team did such an amazing job that they raised £170 in total. What an incredible amount. 

Harvest Collection - October 2023

During the month of October we have been busy collecting food for the local food bank. We received lots of items for the Rainbow Centre which is wonderful, as so many people need supporting at this time. Thank you to everyone that was able to make a donation. Don't forget that we also have our own  school food pantry too if you need any support. This is open from 6am until 6pm every weekday. 


 "Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness." 2 Corinthians 9-10

Macmillan Coffee Morning - October 2023

Mrs Green and Mrs Phelps organised a Macmillan coffee morning in school and raised over £300 for the wonderful charity that works so hard in helping those with cancer, as well as supporting their families. The coffee morning was supported by families, governors and staff and it was so lovely to see so many people...a real community effort. Well done ladies!

Staff supporting the Parish Summer School - August 2023

During the summer holidays, staff volunteered to help out at the parish summer school for the children of the parish. The staff helped to lead a variety of lessons, including art, gardening and Bible stories. It was lovely to meet lots of new children from the parish, as well as other adults too.

Sunshine Team Cake Sale - May 2023

On Tuesday the 16th May the Sunshine Team held a cake sale that they had organised together in their weekly meetings. The cake sale was a huge success and raised £170!! All of the money raised is going to be used to buy some new Bibles. It was so wonderful that the Sunshine Team had so many donations of cakes from our school community. Thank you to everyone that helped. 

Helping others! - April 2023

Last Saturday Gus and Elsie took part in a 24 hour hockey match with their hockey club to raise money for Pilgrim's Hospice. They started the match off by playing an hour from 12noon on Saturday and different teams then took turns to play all through the night until 12noon on Sunday.  We are really proud of Gus and Elsie, and their hockey club raised an amazing £5000 for a really important charity.

Helping Others during Lent - March 2023

During Lent, each class decided to do their own fundraising for Cafod. Each class completed a different task and the money raised, was used to purchase world gifts from Cafod. 

The Imps Class raised £440 and purchased: a greenhouse, trees for life, a queen bee, worms, chirpy chickens, a school starter pack, a shelter tent, a goat, a cow, emergency water, teach a child to read and a vegetable garden. 

The Pixies Class raised £137 and purchased: a keep clean kit, a terrific toilet, a school starter pack, teach a child to read and a vegetable garden. 

The Elves Class raised £80 and purchased: a queen bee, chirpy chickens, a fruit tree, water for a vegetable garden, a soup kitchen and a vegetable garden. 

The Hobbits Class raised £38.37 and purchased: a tree for life, emergency water, a keep clean kit, teach a child to read, a queen bee and a vegetable garden. 

The Dragons Class raised £146.60 and purchased: a safe place to call home and trees for life.

The Griffins Class raised £62.40 and purchased: trees for life and a safe place to call home. 

The Unicorns Class raised £467 and purchased: emergency shelter, chirpy chickens, trees for life, emergency water, teach someone to read, a greenhouse and a medical outreach team.


Thank you to our community who made all of this possible...we managed to buy so many wonderful world gifts that will really make a difference. In addition to this, we also raised £203 from other events taking place at school and some of this money was sent to the Red Cross Turkey and Syria Earthquake appeal and some was used to restock our school food pantry. 

The total raised during Lent at school was £1524.37!!!

Kye helping in Lent - March 2023

Kys decided that wanted to help raise money for the Turkey and Syria Earthquake Appeal. He painted this beautiful picture of a daffodil and asked Mrs Phelps to help him make some copies of the painting. He then sold copies of the paintings to staff members. How wonderful!

Helping others during Advent - Throughout December 2022

Throughout Advent, the children and staff at Stella Maris have been busy trying to help others by donating items and making up Christmas hampers. Mis Godden also ran a Christmas disco which raised over £500, with all of the money raised going towards goodies for the hampers. 


Lots of other events took place throughout Advent in order to raise ,only for our chosen charity, 'South Kent Mind' (chosen by the Sunshine Team).

Our Advent breakfast for children and parents raised £113.

Christmas jumper day raised £77.50

Donations from Christmas Nativity and Carols raised £257.72

The Sunshine Team Christmas Treat shop raised £226.81


Making a grand total for 'Mind' of £675.03!!


We are extremely proud of everyone for helping those in our community, by following in the footsteps of Christ and loving our neighbours. 


Sunshine Team Food Pantry - Monday 5th December 2022

On Monday 5th December the Sunshine Team launched our very own food pantry at Stella Maris! The pantry is onsite and is open during school hours for anyone that needs some support during these difficult times. The pantry is well stocked with lots of wonderful goodies and the Sunshine Team are looking forward to being able to support our families.

The Sunshine Team motto is "Give what you can and take what you need."


Staff help the Rotary Club - December 2022

Throughout December, staff at Stella Maris have been helping the Rotary Club. The Rotary Club collect money for charity as Father Christmas is out on his sleigh, covering many areas in Folkestone and Hythe. All of the money raised helps many local families during the Christmas time, as well as throughout the year. It is so important to support one another in the community. 

This year the rotary Club raised £7,229.22 and managed to distribute 130 parcels around Folkestone!!

Sunshine Team Member Sophie makes her own hamper to raffle - November/December 2022

Sophie made her very own hamper, donating all of the goodies inside, after being inspired by our Christmas fundraising. The Sunshine Team will be selling raffle tickets, alongside the chocolate hamper in order to raise money for 'Mind' this advent. We are really proud of Sophie and her kindness. 

The Sunshine Team Christmas Treat Shop - November/December 2022

Every Wednesday throughout November and December, the Sunshine Team decided to run a Christmas Treat shop as well as a raffle. All of the money raised will be going to the charity 'Mind.' The Sunshine Team chose Mind because they said that Christmas time is a happy time but for some it can be a very sad and lonely time and we must not forgot those people. We will update you with the final amount once the last Christmas shop has been done.

Unicorn Class celebrating Remembrance Day - November 2022

Year 6 wanted to do something special for Remembrance day as it is such an important time.The children created beautiful pieces of artwork and then used these in their Remembrance service. The children invited the whole to the service as well as parents, governors and our Parish Church.  During the service, candles were lit, prayers were read and poems were shared. The Unicorn class raised £334.44 for the British Legion and this was given to the Chair of our governing Committee to pass on. It was a a very wonderful and reflective service.



Collecting for the Local Foodbank during Harvest - October 2022

Throughout October the children were invited to bring in donations of food, shower gels, soap etc and all of the donations were collected for the local foodbank who help so many families. The children took their food donations to the collection point outside the hall and added to the wonderful amount that  was collected. 


"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat. I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger and you invited me in. " Matthew 25:35 

Running the London Marathon - October 2022

On the 2nd October, Mrs Felicetti and Mrs Fletcher from our Governing Committee took part in the London marathon. We are so proud of the ladies, not only for running the marathon but for raising just over £2400 for the Catholic Children's Society. What an amazing achievement.

Raising Money for the Catholic Children's Society - September 2022

On Saturday 17th September Mrs Felicetti and Mrs Fletcher held a quiz right for the whole school community, in order to raise money for the Catholic Children's Society. Both ladies will also be running in the London Marathon to raise even more money for this wonderful charity. The quiz night raised over £1000 and was great success in not only raising money but in bringing the community together. 


Sunshine Team Afternoon Tea for the volunteers from the Ukraine drop off Centre - July 2022


On Wednesday the 13th July the Sunshine Team welcomed some of the volunteers from the local Ukraine drop off point, for an afternoon tea. Having been allowed to visit the centre and help with the bags of love and the loading of the lorries, the Sunshine Team wanted to thank all of the wonderful volunteers for the amazing work they have been doing. The visitors were welcomed into the school community and the afternoon celebration began with a candlelight reflection, followed by afternoon tea. The staff at Stella Maris kindly made cakes for us to share and enjoy. During the afternoon tea the children and visitors smiled, laughed and chatted about everything! Then Phil and Denise told us all about their trip to Ukraine to deliver the bags of love. The Sunshine Team asked some thoughtful questions and we were so proud of how they represented the school. The Sunshine Team also presented the visitors with some flower bouquets created by our lovely Mrs Green. It was a very humbling afternoon, enjoyed by all. 


Comments from our visitors:

''That was truly the most beautiful afternoon and so unexpected. What a wonderful school filled with caring and loving teachers and children. It was a real delight to answer their very thoughtful questions."


"We really want to reiterate we are nothing without the kindness, generosity and humanity of folk exactly like those we have met at Stella Maris. I don't think I have felt that level of emotion for a long while. I have always believed that the foundation we provide for our young people helps to create a better future for all - the young people of Stella Maris epitomise all those positive characteristics."


"Such a warm and positive community."


Mrs Truett's Sunflowers - June 2022


Mrs Truett sold her home grown sunflowers to the staff at stella Maris during the month of June and all of the money raised was added to our Ukraine appeal. 


Fundraising for the Ukraine - March/April 2022


Each year, our Lenten fundraising goes to a charity of our choice - this year, we have been touched by the efforts made from the dedicated group of volunteers at Kent Help for Ukraine and have been pleased that we can support this initiative with volunteering hours, aid donations and cash. Each class at Stella Maris have undertaken a fundraising initiative in their classrooms - this has ranged from sponsored walks/runs, cake sales, sunflower painting art etc.    


In addition to the class fundraising, many children in our school have had their own independent ideas for fundraising outside of the school. We are proud of the entire school community - not least these individuals, for living out God's mission.


To date, we have received over £5,300 in cash - this is an incredible amount and we cannot recall a time where we have raised so much for one charity. We would like to pass on the sincere thanks from everyone at both Kent Help for Ukraine and Stella Maris for your overwhelming generosity.     


Each teacher nominated a child to come along today to pass on our cash donation to Help for Ukraine c/o Big Jigs Toys Donation Hub Folkestone. They were delighted with this huge donation; each lorry costs between £3000 and £4000 to get directly into Ukraine to distribute the aid to those most in need. 

We have committed to continue to help support this group of volunteers in whatever capacity we can.  Thank you once again for your lasting help.




Helping the people in Ukraine - March/April 2022


Whole School 

Staff and children at Stella Maris were really keen to support the people of Ukraine and so lots of fundraising has been taking place.

The whole School community came together to contribute much needed items to a local centre who were collecting for essential items to be sent to Ukraine. A large bin was placed before and after school, in the playground for our School community to make any donations and we were overwhelmed with the kindness. The bin was full on day one! If you would like to make a donation, keep checking the Latest News Tab as this will be updated regularly with a list of items that are required. Thank you for your continued kindness and support. 

Imps Class

The Imps painted some beautiful sunflower pictures which were then framed and sold to parents for a donation. The Imps made £180 and were so proud of themselves! We were so thankful to our School community for supporting the Imps with such love. 

Pixies Class

The Pixies made some gorgeous sunflower tea light holders as well as some paper sunflowers which they sold to the School community. The Pixies made £95, such a wonderful amount to add to the Ukraine appeal fund. Well done Pixies. 

Griffins Class

The Griffins took part in some sponsored assault courses over a week during Lent. The Griffins raised over £700 by completing these courses, this is such an achievement....great job Griffins!

Unicorns Class

The Unicorns did a 10,000 steps sponsored walk ; they have raised an amazing amount .... £1514.50. Super proud of Unicorns.  See the pictures below of the landmarks they walked past in Folkestone.

Film Event

On 18th March, a film night was organised at school to raise money for the Ukraine.   This event was incredibly well supported with over 170 children coming along to the hall to watch Encanto.   We are thankful to all the staff who gave their time to help with this event - special thanks to Mrs Godden for the initiative, planning, preparation and overall organisation of this wonderful event.


As of 30th March 2022, the fundraising break down is as follows:-


Year Group



Amount Raised so far…

Year R Imps

Painted sunflowers and sold to the school community


Year 1 Pixies

Made Sunflower Candle Holders


Independent Child initiative





Year 2 Elves

Held a cake sale after school


Year 3 Hobbits

Competition time with guess the name of the bear, sweets in the bowl etc.


Year 4 Dragons

Sponsored Assault course





Independent Child Initiative





Year 5 Griffins

Sponsored Circuits


Independent Child initiative




Year 6 Unicorns

Sponsored 10,000 step walk


Whole School

Film Event  &

Lenten Breakfast (£214 of donation given to CAFOD).


Teddy Tombola






Other Local Community

St Mary’s Church of England Café, Dover


Grand Total

Although money still coming in


Mothering Sunday Mass - March 2022

On Mothering Sunday, Stella Maris usually prepare daffodils to hand out to the mothers within the church.  This year, we had two wonderful helpers at 9.00 a.m. Mass to distribute these flowers - bringing joy to many.  Thank you girls for your gentleness and kindness to the parishioners at Our Lady Help of Christians.


Stella Maris Staff support the Rotary Club - December 2021

Staff from Stella Maris helped support the Rotary club this year with their annual fundraising. The staff spent their evenings walking around Folkestone, alongside the Christmas float, collecting for the charity. The Rotary club helps to support the local community in many different ways and it was wonderful to be able to help. It was also so lovely to see so many of our school community out and about! 

Christmas Hampers for Local Families - December 2021

The staff at Stella Maris collected lots of goodies throughout December and donated lots of items, to make up some beautiful Christmas hampers for our local families. The hampers were put together and wrapped one evening after school, ready to be delivered before the end of term. 

Such Kindness - December 2021

Our theme for reflection this week was joy. On Friday, Casey brought in some Christmas gifts for the children and adults in Hobbits. We spoke lots about how Casey was spreading joy to his peers. His goodie bags made everyone feel so special and loved and they were incredibly grateful for Casey’s kindness. We would like to say a huge thank you to Casey and his family for bringing smiles to all of our faces, at this special time of year!

Stella Maris Advent Breakfast - December 2021

On Wednesday 8th December we celebrated Advent at Stella Maris with a very special Advent Breakfast. All the children were invited to come in early to school and have breakfast together. The children and staff shared an Advent Reflection together and then enjoyed a wonderful breakfast. The children were asked to make a small donation for their breakfast and all of the money raised would help our chosen charity. 

Toby in the Imps Class said  "We are having a picnic for Jesus' birthday and it is great!" 

The Salvation Army Present Appeal - November 2021

During Advent we asked our families to help with the Salvation Army Present Appeal. The sunshine Team asked families to donate new toys for the Salvation Army to wrap and deliver to children all over Folkestone. At Stella Maris we managed to collect over eighty toys which was so heart warming.

Sheila from the the Salvation Army wrote to us and said

"Thank you so much for collecting all of those toys for us, what amazing families you have at Stella Maris. The donations will make such a difference and enable us to help so many families."


Stella Maris Harvest Celebration - October 2021

Throughout the month of October we ask our families to send in any donations they could for the local Foodbank. Each day (before and after school) our orange bins were places in the playground and everyone was invited to place their donations in there. We collected lots of items for the Foodbank. The Rainbow Centre wrote to us: "I thank you, pupils and parents at your school for your huge harvest donations to our food bank. We could not possibly run a cost-effective Foodbank without the donations you so generously give us to meet the food needs of hundreds of families in our district."

We also all celebrated this time of thanksgiving by working together to share a harvest reflection. The video can be found in the resource centre. All classes took part which was wonderful. 



Living out God's Mission in Sprites...random acts of kindness and compliment pots. 

Stella Maris Lenten Breakfast

We invited all of the children in on Thursday 1st April to share a Lenten Breakfast with their class. The children shared hot cross buns, croissants etc and donated £1 to our Lenten fundraiser for Cafod. During the Lenten breakfast, the children shared a reflection and a prayer. Candles were lit and daffodils were put on the tables. It was such a lovely way to end the term and in total we managed to raise over £400!!!!! Thank you to everyone that came along and supported our chosen charity.


Marshall from the Imps "I love this is amazing!"

Read your way through Lent! Spring 2021

Throughout Lent and to celebrate World Book Day/Week, we asked the children to read their way through Lent. The children were provided with a sponsor form in which they could ask family and friends to sponsor them to read throughout Lent. The children wrote all the books they read during Lent and gave each book a score. Together, the children managed to raise over £400 for out Lenten charity, Cafod. Amazing job guys!!!

Stella Maris Mum and Pupil help out in our community during lockdown - Spring 2021

Many families in our community were helped during lockdown with food parcels and hot meals. One of our wonderful mums decided to help those who were struggling during this time. It all started on January 15th when Jo and Logan (from the Elves Class) made up packed lunches in order to help families ensure they had at least one meal during the day. This soon then became an emergency food bank, with many people donating food and money to help, the generosity was outstanding! To date, over eighty parcels have been made up. Thank you so much Jo! How amazing it is to see the love and kindness of our community heart 

Spreading Christmas Cheer!!!! Staff contributed items and their time to help make up eleven hampers for families in our community - Winter 2021

World Mental Health Day - Autumn 2021


On Friday 10th October we celebrated Mental Health Day at Stella Maris. We invited the children to wear something yellow and donate £1. As a school we raised £157 which was sent to the mental health charity called 'Young Minds.' 

In response to our help they wrote to us saying "thank you so much for your kind donation to Young Minds, this will make an incredible difference to our work supporting children and families affected by mental health problems. Without your help, we would not be able to make an impact to the lives of children, young people and their families affected by mental health issues across the UK."


Thank you everyone!

Stella Maris Harvest Collection - Autumn 2021

​​​​​Throughout the month of October we asked our Stella Maris families to send in any food contributions that they were able to make. So many families helped and we managed to send a car full of food off to our local Foodbank! Thank you everyone, we really appreciated your kindness and support. 

Pixies Fundraising - Summer 2020

During lockdown, the Pixies Class decided to walk 500 miles in four weeks in order to raise money for a chosen charity. They wanted to have a purpose during this challenging time whilst trying to help others. 


They thought so much about who they should fund raise the money for. Before we all had to go home in March, the Catholic Children's Society sent Stella Maris over £1000 to help families who were really struggling to get food. The Pixies team thought it would be nice to send them some money back so they can help other families in other schools who may need it.    


The Pixies did such a wonderful job and over the four weeks and managed to walk 588 miles altogether and raised a massive £1600!!!!!

We are so proud of them all. Originally they wanted to raise one hundred pounds and were so amazed at everyones support, they still can't quite believe how much they raised. 





Fundraising for the Foodbank and NHS - Summer 2020

We wanted to share with you all the good work that Phoebe in Hobbits has done this week with vital fundraising for the local foodbank and the NHS. Phoebe wanted to do something to help, so with the support of her mum, dad and little sister Esme (Imps), she prepared a cake sale for her neighbours.


As of last night, she had raised a huge £80 to help these two vital services.   We are very proud of Phoebe and want to say a huge congratulations. She has asked for the left over cakes to be taken into school today for the children of key workers.   


Let us know if you have done anything similar - we need to share with our Stella family.   


Lent Fundraising - Spring 2020

Lent is all about Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving - this year our Almsgiving efforts are focused on raising money for CAFOD's 'What's your Goal?' project.


More than one football pitch of rainforest in the Amazon is being lost every minute.  CAFOD is raising money to help stop this by supporting communities in the Amazon, to defend their land and save their homes.

Advent Fundraising - Winter 2019

Our Advent Fundraising effort in December 2019 was in aid of the homeless. Contributions collected via the Advent Breakfast, Christmas Jumper Day and collections after the Christmas Play and the Carol Concert amounted to a fantastic £639. Thanks to everyone in the community, children, staff, parents and others, who helped us with our fundraising.


In addition, a huge thank you for all the Tesco bags that were donated for the Helping the Homeless and Vulnerable (Salvation Army). The Sunshine Team handed over 75 bags generously given from the Stella Maris community.