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Celebrating Hinduism Day in the Imps

We had so much fun learning all about the festival of Holi! We began the day by reading a story all about the festival of colour, also known as the festival of Holi. We talked about how the throwing of paint is an important part of the festival and we had our own bright paint to throw!!! It went all over us, it was an explosion of colour!

We also talked about the different colours and what these remind us of, we did some writing about each colour. We also looked at lots of examples of Rangoli patterns and how colour is used in these. We decided to use different materials to create our own Rangoli patterns. We used pencils, crayons, chalks and rice that we had dyed the day before in preparation for our learning. We also did some milk painting to create a colourful splash of colour and on top, we drew ourselves taking part in our own Holi Festival. We also made rainbow bread for our sweet treat to celebrate Holi. What a busy day we had!