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Young Carers

At Stella Maris we recognise how important it is to support all of our families and understand that family life is not always easy. We have recently tried to identify all our Young Carers, children who take on responsibility for caring for someone at home. This may be a sibling, parent, grandparent, auntie or uncle. Any child can be a Young Carer and we know the importance of the support they receive and the importance of knowing they are not alone.

Scooter Lesson @ F51 

On Wednesday 5th October the Young Carers went to the new skate park in Folkestone called F51. The children enjoyed 2 hours of scooter fun. Have a look at the great photos!

Kidz Planet!

On Wednesday 29th June we took our Young Carers to let off some steam at Kidz Planet. All the children had a great time chasing each other and having lots of fun. We even had some brave carers have a go on the red drop slide! Have a look at some of the pictures of our Young Carers on their final trip of this  academic year. 

Pizza Making!!


On Wednesday 30th April we all went to Lubens in Folkestone. The head chef showed us how to stretch our dough and then we were able to create our own pizzas using a range of ingredients. They were very accommodating especially when one of the children asked for broccoli to go on their pizza! 

Hollie and the team at Lubens were wonderful with the children - so kind and patient.

Take a look at some of the pictures!


On Wednesday 2nd February we took our Stella Maris Young Carers for an afternoon of tobogganing! The children and adults had so much fun. It was really lovely to witness new relationships being formed within the group. Here are some photos of our trip.