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The school is led and managed by the Headteacher. She is joined by the Deputy Headteacher and the Inclusion Co-ordinator on the Leadership Team. In addition, there are six full-time teachers and one part-time teacher.


Headteacher: Mrs Lisa Huotari



Year R – Imps’ Class: Mrs M. Felicetti

Year 1 – Pixies’ Class: Mrs V. Jukes and Mrs Mackell

Year 2 – Elves’ Class: Mr Potts

Year 3 – Hobbits’ Class: Miss Storti

Year 4 – Dragons’ Class: Miss R. Baker

Year 5 – Griffins’ Class: Mrs K. Langley and Mr A. Langley (Deputy Headteacher)

Year 6 – Unicorns’ Class: Miss S. Moore

Inclusion Co-ordinator (SENCO): Mrs C. Archibald

Specialist Support Teacher: Mrs Jo Ruiz


Teaching Assistants

Imps’ Class: Mrs C. Calzolari

Pixies’ Class: Mrs B. Green

Elves’ Class: Mrs A.Truett, Mrs T. Blackie and Ms S. Dickenson

Hobbits’ Class: Mrs G. Welsh, Miss J. Jago, Mrs R. Buck and Ms T. Harvey

Dragons’ Class: Miss A. Gallagher and Mrs L. Groombridge

Griffins’ Class: Mrs L. Barden

Unicorns’ Class: Mrs L. Harrison, Ms P. Collins and Miss M. Lee

Nurture: Mrs S. Phelps


Administrative Staff

School Business Manager: Mr A. Gretton

Finance Officer: Mrs J. Barham

Clerical Officer: Mrs M. Tidd


Premises Staff

Site Manager: Mr A. Burton