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Our new progression of skills documents allow for a much more focused art curriculum where we can teach our pupils core skills throughout their time at Stella Maris. This coupled with knowledge regarding artist practices and the design process promote the creation of very well-rounded artists.


Being creative is one of our learning values at Stella Maris, so is challenge, therefore we have whole school art homework and initiatives to inspire these traits. This encourages healthy competition, independence and interdependence while working with family members to create art. Different classes will often team up to design, make art and exhibit craft projects together.


Creative teachers, teaching assistants and parents, who practice art outside school, bring their talents into Stella Maris through CPD, beautiful displays and the passing on of their knowledge and skills to the children.


We are engaged with many local arts organisations such as the Creative Foundation, Strange Cargo arts and the Folkestone Triennial. We welcome artists into school to deliver lessons to the pupils and we take the children to museums, galleries and workshops regularly. Stella Maris has made use of local gallery spaces to set-up exhibitions of pupil's artwork and has transformed the school building into an art space.