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Judaism Day

The Imps celebrated Judaism Day by learning all about the festival of Rosh Hashanah! We learnt all about this celebration being the New Year, a fresh start and we learnt about the food had, the apples dipped in honey, the bread and the pomegranate seeds. We tried all of these and they were delicious. We all made happy Rosh Hashanah cards  for our families, our cards had bees on them as a reminder of the honey we ate. We watched a video telling us all about the festival of Rosh Hashanah and how it often lasts for two days. 

We also spoke about how Jewish people pray in Synagogues and looked at a picture of a Synagogue, we noticed that these were different to our Churches and the Hindu Temples we saw when looking at Hinduism. We also made some Star of David patterns. 

We had a great day and learnt lots!