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Black History Month October 2020

Mrs Huotari played an exert from The Rosa Parks Story from BBC Teach during a whole school Zoom assembly.



One of our Year 5 parents recorded a reading of a beautiful story called "If all the World Were".  This was played in our whole school Zoom assembly on 22nd October 2020.


Across the school the children have taken part in various activities to celebrate Black History Month.


The Pixies watched a CBeebies video of Dads talking to their sons and daughters about their aspirations

for the future.  They then discussed with their friends what they want to do when they grow up. 


The Imps and the Pixies listened to a story called "Happy in Our Skin" which led them to think and talk about how we are all different.


The Unicorns looked at the lives of Walter Tull and Mary Jackson.