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Our PSHE curriculum supports the development of the skills, attitudes, values and behaviour, which enable pupils to:


  • Live out our Gospel values of love, care, share, trust and respect. 
  • Understand the physical aspects involved in RSE at an age appropriate level.
  •  Have a sense of purpose
  •  Value self and others
  •  Develop positive and healthy relationships both now and in the future.
  •  Make and act on informed decisions
  •  Communicate effectively
  •  Work with others
  •  Respond to challenge
  •  Be an active partner in their own learning
  •  Be active citizens within the local community
  •  Explore issues related to living in a democratic society
  •  Become healthy and fulfilled individuals

The children demonstrate and apply the British Values of Democracy, Tolerance, Mutual Respect, Rule of Law and Liberty. They demonstrate a healthy outlook towards school which impacts positively upon pupil behaviour and learning across the wider curriculum.