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Throughout the whole school we offer a physical education curriculum appropriate to each individual child.

Our curriculum is delivered in a fully inclusive manner. Pupils are provided with a balance of individual, group and team activities some of which are competitive.

We promote the impact that Physical activity can have on a pupil’s mental health and well-being. Pupils have access to a differentiated curriculum linked to games, gymnastic activities, dance, athletic activities, swimming, outdoor activities and health related fitness.

This range of experiences is intended to provide for pupils’ increasing self confidence in their ability to manage themselves and their bodies within a variety of movement situations and to increase understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. It allows for them to develop as part of a team, learning how to communicate with others and work together. It allows them to cope with disappointments, being able to communicate in an appropriate manner and adhere to rules and regulations will help our pupils manage challenges.

They will put this into practice through lessons as well as having access to out-of-school competitions through School Games, Shepway Sports Trust competitions and Kent Catholic Schools Partnership inter-school events.