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Good Morning Unicorns!laugh

What did the Dalmatian say after lunch?

That hit the spot!.


Join me at 9:00am for our Zoom – a quick Zoom this morning to see how you are all getting on. We will share our final reflection together for the week on ‘Understanding’. The beautiful video that we will watch together this morning is called 'I'm here'. I have saved it with our Unicorn Well -Being resources for you to watch at anytime or share with your family.   



The theme this week is Understanding.


Morning Lessons



Catch music with Duncan today at 10.00am!



How far have you got with your information report or leaflet?

Spend time to ensure your English work is finished and to a standard that you are super proud of. Are you happy with it? You can send me a photo or email your work to me:

enlightenedRemember too, I am here to help you.



Take a look at the Folkestone ‘Paper Beach’ project. For the full details please look here :

I was sent this last week from Folkestone’s creative quarter and I would love for you all to take part and not just you. It is something all the family can do, including your siblings too.


“Readers anywhere, young and old can join in and share their love of reading, be it fiction or nonfiction! Handwrite, type or draw your answer  to the question ‘Where does reading take you?’ on an A4 piece of paper. Email your entry to to be part of a giant artwork.  Write as little or as much as you like as long as it fits on a single sheet of A4 paper”


For all the information on the project including, how to enter, deadlines and examples please follow the link provided before. Go for it Unicorns! laugh And for some inspiration, here is Mrs Harrison's entry. 





It’s time to rock out to some TT Rockstars – Go on and have a play to practise those timetables this morning – why not pick a good song to dance to too?


Maths Activities:

Follow these two links to some fun videos about decimals, fractions and percentages. (Hint- we will be starting to work on percentages next week). Maths KS2: Decimal Dance Off 1 -

Maths KS2: Decimal Dance Off 2 –


Also, check out our Maths section on the ‘PiXL Resources’ tab of our Unicorns ‘Remote Learning’ page. Pick one of the activities to have a little go at this morning – there are times tables sheets, puzzles and word problems on there.

Alternatively, if you have not finished any Maths from this week go back and see if you can catch up.yes



Join me at 12:00pm for our Zoom call before lunch. Today we will have our first silly Friday session. If you like, you can wear something silly – why not! I will be in my pyjamas!  I have a few games that we can play together. J 


  Afternoon Lessons


LO: to reflect on the world today and what we can do to help.

Begin by watching this wonderful clip from CAFOD:

The World We Want | CAFOD

On a piece of paper, draw the world in the middle. Around the edge can you write about the world you want – What do you hope for? What do you wish? You can write in sentences, just write words or even draw pictures. Remember you can send photos of your work to me:  



LO: to compare a school day in France and to a school day in England.

Take a look at this clip (the parrot is particularly funny!) Similarly to what we have done in school before – can you compare the similarities and differences between a school in France to what we get up to at Stella Maris.

Can you put your findings into a table? Or a mind map? You may just wish to make some notes in your remote learning book.



Look after yourself this afternoon – do you best to complete all the tasks but do not worry if you don’t finish. Remote learning is hard, it’s hard to discipline yourself to get everything down with all the distractions that you may have at home.

Take some time for yourself this afternoon – doing what you love. Maybe try an activity from our Unicorns well-being activity page? Try some mindfulness or relaxation?  See what works for you.heart

Well done for another wonderful week. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

Love, Mrs Jessup. xx