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Today's reflection is a brilliant quote to reflect on considering our special guest later. When have you drawn on the courage and spirit of God to do something, especially something you were very frightened to do like a drop slide or a race or speaking in front of others.

Children's Mental Health Week

Today our mental health challenge is linked to our self esteem. Self esteem is a very important issue to be aware of, this is how you view yourself. What do you think you are good at? What do you wish you were better at? Do you focus on the negative parts more than the positive parts? Having high self esteem means you are regard and think of yourself highly. Have a go at the flower sheet and she if you can be positive about yourself.


Today we are continuing with fractions. We are working with tenths. There is a link to the videos found here


Alongside working through the video content, there is also a work sheet that will expand on recognising and using tenths.


Today is a special guest virtual visit from Sophie from Polar Performance.


Sophie was a member of the Ice Maidens, an all lady team of British Army soldiers, who crossed Antarctica on foot. They were the first all female team to achieve this!!!


She has kindly sent us a video to watch and share this morning, it talks about her expedition and compares it to the expeditions of others such as Scott (He was another explorer who was exploring around the same time as Shackleton). Sophie talks about the equipment she uses, the environments she faced, the route across the continent and much more. The link to the video is below.


The video requires a password that I have app messaged out to everyone. If you need this again please get in contact with me.

As you watch the video record anything that makes you go:


-I didn't know that

-That's interesting

-That makes me excited

-That is different to Scott and Shackleton

-I have something like that

-Why did they do that?

-Why did you need that?

-What was the point of that?


We are going to share these ideas and more after you have had a chance to watch the video at 10.30 where we will create a class mind map of all these things and more to share with Sophie later on in the day. If you are at home try and create your own mind maps from the video.

If you had the chance to ask Sophie about anything from her time in the Antarctic what would you ask? What would you be interested in?

You could ask questions about:

-The conditions in the weather they faced

-The environment of Antarctica

-The equipment needed

-The team that went with her

-The route they took

-The scenery seen

-The food they had to eat

-The training needed before they traveled

-The attitude and mindset needed to succeed


We will review some of these questions before we meet Sophie in person (via zoom)