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Good morning everyone,

Thank you so much for joining in our slightly different day yesterday, I hope you enjoyed it and found it valuable. Our reflection quote today follows on from some of the messages that Sophie from Polar Performance shared with us all yesterday. She said she wanted challenge and to push herself into something new. It is with the encouragement and care of God that we can achieve this!

Children's Mental Health Week

Today we are thinking about ourselves in a positive way. We are thinking about what makes us great and what makes us unique. We are exploring our qualities. How 'I am ...' and how many 'I can ...' statements can you think of? Use the sheet below to record your ideas, if you need more space to write then go onto another sheet or the back.


Today we are continuing with fractions. We are looking at expanding on yesterdays work on tenths, we will be counting in tenths. There is a link to the videos found here


Alongside working through the video content, there is also a work sheet that will expand on counting in tenths further.


We are going to reflect on the great day we had yesterday, where we learnt about the Antarctic from a real life Antarctic explorer Sophie from Polar Performance. 


What did you learn from Sophie yesterday, this might be from her video, from the questions we asked her or from her responses. Create a mind map or word cloud about all the different things you learnt from her. Remember it doesn't have to be knowledge you learnt from her, it might courage, self belief or determination.


Having thought through these things you could have learnt from yesterday I would like to write a thank you letter to Sophie. Below there is a tick sheet of things to include, a layout model and a template.


Some things to think about writing in your letter are:

- Say thank you

- Tell her what you enjoyed about her video

- Tell her something you learnt about Antarctica

- Tell her something you learnt about yourself

- Tell her anything else you would like to


Any letters I get send it in or shared I will send on to Sophie as a thank you.


Task 1

To finish off our learning from yesterday with Sophie, I would like you to create a fact file all about Sophie. You can create this in anyway you like such as written, typed, as a powerpoint, as a poster, painted..... The choice is completely up to you!

Think about trying to find out:

-Her name










Remember to use the video from yesterday to find out information as well as looking here as well:


Task 2

What do you think an explorer needs to be? What qualities do they need to have? What kind of person to you think they are? I would like you to create a picture of the perfect Antarctic explorer.

Think about the equipment they would need and the previsions (food/water/etc) they would need.

After you have created your perfect Antractic explorer I would like you label around the endge with the characteristics and qualities of the explorer as well.

Remember to reflect on the things Sophie discussed yesterday, "I needed a challenge, I want to push myself!"