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Welcome back lovely Griffs! How are you all? I really hope you managed to have  good half term break. The Langleys did some crafts, went on loads of walks and had a cycle or two. I look forward to hearing what you guys have been up to!


Hope you managed to watch some of the 'Perseverance' landing? It was so exciting to be able to see a Mars rover land right before our eyes! What do you think about the addition of the wee helicopter 'Ingenuity'?


Looking forward to catching up and starting our learning together on Zoom this morning at 9:00 am!


As you listen to the music today think about what makes you a strong person. Have you had to overcome anything difficult recently? Did anyone help you overcome your difficulties or did you manage them yourself? It's a good idea to talk if you have any issues or you need help. Remember we are here to help you with anything you are going through. Email us if you need us!


Andra Day - Rise Up (Lyrics) - YouTube 



We have another few weeks of fractions. There is no need to print the worksheets. Just show your working out in your remote learning books!

Watch the 'Add Fractions' video and complete the sheet from below.





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