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This morning we shall start our Zoom lesson at 9.30 with a short Reflection which will lead us into this morning’s learning.


“The Lord has forgiven you, so you must also forgive.”

Colossians 3:13



The start of this lesson will follow on from our Reflection on our 9.30 Zoom call.

L.O. I understand that Lent is an opportunity to change.

Discuss how Lent is a time to change, explain to the children that here are 40 days in Lent.  The first day of Lent is ‘Ash Wednesday’.  Discuss how our school usually goes to church and how the priest makes a cross on our foreheads with the ashes.  Let the children know that we will be making a Lenten tree next week when we are all back together and we will be making some Lenten promises.

Look again at our baby pictures –

Look on the Cafod website and explain to the children how Lent is a time to pray, to give up something and to do something good, so we can be more like Jesus. Discuss our Lenten charity fundraising and how it is linked to Book Week.


I understand that Lent is a new start.   Explain to the children that before Jesus lived, there was a man called Joel who gave advice on making a new start. Take some time to allow the children time to think about and share times when they have wished they could start again. Children to use the template provided and to draw and write how they can make a new start in a particular situation. Children to decorate and share their ideas to



Today’s phonics session will be at 11am on Zoom.  Please see log in details that were sent in an App message.

Today we will be looking at the alternative pronounciation of the "ea" grapheme.



Learning objective: I can order numbers within 50.

Today watch the video Order Numbers within 50 pause when asked and then complete the questions you are asked to from the worksheet that you started yesterday.

Resources: 10 frames and some counters.


Remember you don’t need to print the worksheet as you can just record your answers on a piece of paper. You can then email your answer sheet to


Book Week activity


DEAR time:

Drop Everything And Read!  

Choose a book and enjoy taking the time to just lounge around and enjoy reading it.

Look out for the story telling videos in our Video Resource Centre too.