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Our focus theme for reflection this week is courage. It takes courage to be true to yourself and stand by your convictions and beliefs. Take today to be still and calm, talk to God about what you believe in and ask for his strength to keep your courage.

Children's Mental Health Week

This week children's mental health week, a vital and important week for everyone at home. I am going to put up an extra activity each day this week to help you think about yourself and encourage you to think about how you are feeling. Today's activity is to think about our happy place and record some ideas about this.


Today we are starting a new area of maths, fractions. Today we are looking at non unit and unit fractions. There is a link to the videos found here


Alongside working through the video content, there is also a work sheet that will expand on recognising and working with unit and non unit fractions.


We are going to start this week with our guided reading session. We are going to use today as the start of childen's mental health week to learn about it and what it means for children in the UK as well as who supports it and what organisations do to help it.


Below are 3 challenges for you to learn from and answer questions about. You do not need to do all three challenges but instead choose the one you would like to try. The questions draw on all the skills we have been practicing: vocabulary, inference, retrieval.


We are starting and exploring a new topic in RE today. We are looking at and exploring Giving and Receiving for the rest of this term and into next term.


Task 1

As we always do at the start of an RE topic I would like to create a topic title page for the topic. This needs to include the title of the topic Giving and Receiving, needs to include pictures of what you think giving and receiving as well as key words to explain what the title means to you!


Task 2

Read the story below:

What a day!

The day did not start well today.  First thing this morning, Mum asked me to help her with the breakfast – just to put the cereal on the table.  I said, “No”.  She was cross.  Then my little brother, Charlie, knocked his juice over.  I was not going to pick it up.  He is always doing that. He began to cry. Dad was annoyed and told me to pick it up.  “No”, I replied again, “why should I?  He’ll only knock it over again. Mum, have you got my stuff ready for swimming today and I want a chocolate biscuit for my packed lunch not a mouldy old cereal bar?”


Mum stopped what she was doing.  She didn’t look very happy and asked me what the matter was and why was I so cross.  She made me sit down and think about what I had said.  Dad explained that everyone has bad days, but life is full of giving and receiving.  He asked me to think about what I receive at home – care, love, a packed lunch ready for school, my swimming kit put in my bag.   Sometimes it is my turn to give, by helping and being kind.  I shrugged my shoulders and said nothing, I still felt cross.  “Come on Ethan,” called Dad, “you don’t want to be late for school when it is swimming today.”  Dad and I walked to school. When I got there, I didn’t say goodbye to him but rushed into the playground.


During prayers in the morning, I thought about what had happened earlier. I felt miserable. I knew I had been selfish.  When we got on the coach to go swimming, I saved a seat by the window for my friend, Connor, because I knew he liked that seat.  ‘Thanks,’ he said with surprise.  When we got into pairs, I let Connor choose which float we were going to use. On the way back to school, Connor said how much he had enjoyed the lesson today and that I was a good friend. I felt really good.  When I got home, I gave Mum and Dad a hug and told them I was sorry, and said, ‘I think it is more fun when you give.’ We all had a happy evening.


How did Ethan's behaviour change over the course of the story? What did he come to realise? Do you think he regretted his early actions? Did he always make positive choices?


I would like you to story map the story we have just read about Ethan, if you think he is making a positive choice then I would like you to put a tick next to it, if it is a part of the story where you do not think he was positive then place a cross next to it.