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Good Morning Unicorns!heart

Why was the baby strawberry crying?

Because her parents were in a jam.



Join me at 9:00am for our Zoom lesson – this morning our focus for reflection is ‘Courage’. I will also read some more Macbeth for you to start the week.



The theme this week is Courage.

“Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who hope in the Lord.”

Psalm 31:24

We listened to this song a lot back in the classroom – I cannot believe we have not shared it for reflection yet. For me, this song definitely gives me courage and strength.

Stop Crying Your Heart Out (BBC Radio 2 Allstars)

Morning Lessons


LO: to perform and recite Shakespeare’s original text.

Can you begin by watching episode 6 of the BBC Macbeth animations – ‘Something wicked this way comes’. Here is the link:

Macbeth features arguably the most famous spell in English literature. This is perfect for learning and reciting. In Shakespeare’s original text, the witches cast this spell when Macbeth visits them for a second time. Have a go at reading it aloud and see if you can learn it off by heart?


Activity: Writing a witch’s spell. I would like you to create your own magic spell using the opening and closing couplets (in bold above) from the original Shakespeare text but you can write and choose your own disgusting ingredients for the spell in between. Begin by mind mapping the ingredients you wish to include; try to make them as repulsive as possible!


enlightenedYou may have noticed that in Shakespeare’s original text there are seven syllables for each of the ‘Ingredient’ lines – the extra challenge for you is to see if any of your lines can be 7 beats long.

You can write your spell in your remote learning book – or I have a template of a cauldron from Twinkl here that you could print and write on too.  

Alternatively, you may have an even more imaginative way for you to display your work too.


Can you please go to our PiXL resources page – Remote learning > PiXL resources > GPS. Click the GPS tab. Explore the different resources uploaded for you and choose one of the worksheets to have a go at this morning. All the worksheets are on word classes – so maybe choose the one you feel least confident at. 



Spend 30 minutes or so today reading your own book – find somewhere peaceful to relax and read or read to a grown up at home.   



Arithmetic – adding fractions with different denominators.

Please see the sheet below for your arithmetic today.  

LO: to recap our understanding of percentages.

To start this week you will need to recap the learning you did back in Year 5 on percentages, begin by watching this video from White Rose ‘Understand Percentages’

After the video, you can begin the worksheet from White Rose too:


Join me at 12:00pm – let’s see how you are all getting on with today’s learning.  


Afternoon Lessons


LO: to explore what nourishes and what spoils a friendship and unity

Good afternoon Unicorns, this is a new RE unit that focuses on ‘Unity’. To begin can you start by finding the meanings of these key words for the term – you may need to use a dictionary:

  1. Friendship:
  2. Nourish:
  3. Unity:

Now I would like you to stop and listen to this story ‘The Rainbow Fish’ – you may remember it back when you were an Imp? It was hard to find a good clip – it is a shame I cannot read it to you all in school. Although this book is intended for a younger audience; the message about friendship it gives is universal! J

The Rainbow Fish read by Ernest Borgnine


Friendships may be between two or more people, but when a friendship excludes others all the time, it will be difficult for it flourish and grow.  It may be that a group of people come together, for a common purpose e.g. to play a sports game, to get a task done, to prepare for a celebration, to be part of a band etc.  Often when people come together, it is to complete a task that would be difficult alone e.g. putting up a tent.  When people come together with a common purpose, there is unity between them.  They become as one. 

Take some time to reflect on these questions:

  • Why do you think friendships are important?
  • What helps a friendship to flourish?
  • What can spoil a friendship?
  • How do you mend a broken friendship?

Here are some suggested activities for you to have a go at to end today’s lesson and to show your understanding of friendship. You only need to pick one:



Mr Langley call with KS2 at 2:40pm.  


Well done everyone – the start of a new week. Remember I am always here if you need me, need a chat or would like to send your work in. My email is

Have a wonderful evening – we have a good week ahead of us.

Mrs Jessup. xx