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Good Morning Elves.smiley

I'm looking forward to seeing you all again today.  I think I managed to see most of you last week at some point! But we know each other from last term anyway!  I do think you could be the best class in the school.... Shhhhh! don't tell anyone.

Remember we will be zooming at 10am and 11.30am every day for about half an hour, but there are other Zooms on your timetable too, such as assemblies and PE. Please see our Zoom section on the stars above.

I am not very good at zooming as yet! But, I hope to be a whizz by Wednesday.  I've zoomed my family all weekend and they are all fed up with Year 2 English.

Whenever we zoom, please have paper and a black felt tip ready.  You can then hold up answers and I can read them very quickly and you get to write. smiley

Talk to an adult about what you are going to do, I'd rather put too much on the website than you be bored! Mrs Ruiz 



What do you think this could mean?


Explore this image.

Who or what do you think it is?

What kind of character do you think she will be? Why?

What else do you imagine is in the illustration?

We will continue this lesson during our zoom call.

English PowerPoint about writing questions



phonics 'ay'

Still image for this video



Adding a 2 digit number and a 1 digit number crossing 10. First video on the page.


Fun game to play too!


Make an Internet Safety Poster


Look for the Bible at home. The Bible is God’s special book.  It is all about how much God loves and cares for people.  Talk to an adult about how the Bible is the most important book that Christians use, because it is God’s Word, so it is always treated with reverence.  Like all special books we take care of it, make sure our hands are clean before we use it and keep it in a safe place.

There are two main sections in the Bible.  The Old Testament tells us about the time before Jesus.  The New Testament tells us about Jesus and the beginning of the Church. Can you find the 2 parts? Some of the books are called by the name of the person thought to have written them: Mark, Jeremiah, Peter.  Some are named after the person the story is about: Job, Ruth, Jonah.  One is called after an event: Exodus.  Others tell you about the content of the book: Genesis (Beginnings), Psalms, Proverbs, Letters. Can you find these different books?