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We continue our forgiveness theme today. We are continuing to move forward with what we reflected on yesterday, if we do not forgive what does it do for us? If we hold onto negative feelings and emotions do we gain anything? Or do we become more negative ourselves?


Reflect on a time recently that you haven't forgiven, how did it make you feel? Did you make you feel any better?What could you have done differently? Pray and talk to God about this time, ask for guidance and see if you can now go and forgive that person.

World Book Day

I hope you enjoyed illustrating your favourite book character yesterday and labelling what you find great about them!


Today there are a few different book day activities for you to access.


First -

David Walliams is hosting a very special live assembly for people to access for free today! This is an amazing opportunity for you to see him talking live about his books and maybe even hear him reading some bits to you as well! The link to sign up is below, it is free you just need to sign up. The assembly is on at 10:30am and 4pm. If you want to do the 10:30am assembly that is great but please just email me to let me know as this is our normal zoom time!


Second -

This is a whole school project you may wish to take part in. We are encouraging you to create a "story in a box". This is an art and DT project to have a go at! You need to create a scene or section of any story you would like inside of a box for people to look into and explore! You can make these out of absolutely anything and they can feature anything you would like as well, as long as it comes from your story. You do not need to make this in a day, you can build it over the whole of book week. Below is the story in a box made by Mrs Harrison in the Unicorns!



Today we are continuing to explore and look at fractions. Today we are looking at working out a fraction from a set of objects

The videos are found in the link below.


You can also access the videos by scanning the QR code below:


Alongside working through the video content, there is also a work sheet that will expand on find fractions of a set below.


Tomorrow we have the amazing opportunity to meet a real life author who come from Folkestone! Her name is Jenni Jennings and she has written a book called Malice in Underland. Below here is the blurb for the story as well as some pictures of the cover and inside the first few pages!


Meet Malice Morbid Malign.

She’s from Underland, land of sorcery, spooks and skulduggery.

But, she and her family live in Topside and mischief is their business . . .

And the business of mischief is a very serious matter!

The Malign family hate books, they hate bathing, and they especially HATE helping.

But when grandad ghosts mysteriously start disappearing, including her own beloved grandad, Malice has no choice but to help.

She partners up with her Uncle Vexatious, to solve the case of the missing grandad-ghosts.

In our meeting we will have the opportunity to ask her questions! Similar to the Polar Performance zoom with Sophie.

You can ask her questions on:

- her books

- her characters

- her career

- why she became a writer

- how she became a writer

- how di she create her characters

the list is endless......


We are sharing this amazing chance with Hobbits, Griffins and Unicorns. So if you would like a chance to ask Jenni a question please email them to me before Wednesday morning!


Continuing with our work on briefs to achieve a desired piece of work we are going to swap industries today and work in the music business today!


We are going to be using a great free website called


This is a drum machine emulator, this means that it is the digital version of a real life thing.


The drum machine is easy to use. You colour in a square if you want it to make a sound as the leader passe over it. The leader is found at the top, they are little rectangles. As they light up they will play any coloured square in that column. The squares also go to the side to show what part of the drum kit is being played. I have labelled a screen shot below.

Your brief for today is to:

Create a 16 beat repeating pattern

Use a maximum of 5 parts of the drum kit

Have the bass drum play at least 6 squares

Adjust the high, mid and low volumes

If you would like to experiment further have a play with the drum machines below: