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Thursday Home Learning- Hobbits Class

Good morning Hobbits!


I am really looking forward to seeing you today at 11.00 and 1.00 on Zoom. We will be doing English in our first Zoom and Reading Comprehension in our second and going through any questions about the learning in the second. 


Have a wonderful day. 



Our theme in reflection this week is


Listen to this song and light a candle (with a grown ups permission) and take this moment to calm and quiet.


Why do we need to be strong?


This time of year is Lent.


Lent is a time to RESTORE:  

Inward challenge:  Building regular prayer space in our the day to listen and speak to God using the TeaSPoon Prayer starters;



Outward challenge: Creating opportunities to spend time praying for others using prayer tables or walls. Why not create a  40 days of Lent book of prayers.



See you at 11!

We are looking at poetry.

This week we are looking at acrostic poems in particular. 


Here is what an acrostic poem needs to include


Your Task 


You are going to start planning an acrostic poem. Your acrostic poem needs to be about one of the characters in the story Into the Forest.


Create a mind map of vocabulary you would want to include in your poem. 



We are focussing on Speech.

Today we are focussing on Recognising Direct Speech.


Can you write what you think is being said between all of these people? 




  • Today’s Maths Learning

Week 6 Interpret Pictograms- Watch the video and complete the questions in your books. The worksheet will be at the bottom of the sheet. 



  • Try to do 30 minutes of Times Tables Rockstars- I shall be monitoring your progress!

Our focus this week is Activity Mats.


Work through the worksheet at the bottom of the page.

You can always mark your answers that are on page 2.


Reading Comprehension

See you on Zoom at 1!


I am going to read you the story of WHAT! by Kate Lum and Adrian Johnson.

There is a set of questions for you to answer about the story at the bottom of the page. 

If you can't come to the Zoom or need to go over the story again here is a link to someone else reading it for you.



Today we are going to be looking at activities and if we are good or bad at them. 

Here is a video of different sports activities


Your task is to create a poster of all the different sports and write if you are good or bad at them underneath in French. 

Here is a word bank that will help you. 


bien – well

très bien – very well

mal - badly

super - super

fantastique - fantastic


Here is my example:

Le Foot



How many can you do? 

You can present it in any way that you want. 


Keep in contact my email is send me pictures, your work or just for a chat!

Stay safe.


Lots of love,

Miss Storti xx

Reading Comprehension Worksheet