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Daily Reflection: Our focus this week is 'Compassion'

As you listen to the song, think about the week so far and all the kindness and love you have shown to others:


"Bear one another's burdens and so fulfil the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2



Dearest Imps, 

Just a little message for you.....


Start of the day:

Listen to our good morning song:


Handwriting Ready:

Listen to our crocodile snap song using the following link and get those hands ready:

It is really important this term that we really work on our letter formation. We are going to work on the letter b today, yet another tall letter!

Take a look at the following link to show you how this is written:

Try writing the letter in the air with your finger. Remember you can either use your handwriting book or some paper from home to have a go. 



Choose a book from home that you have not looked at for a long time. Find a nice quiet space to have a read!

Don’t forget to look at the following website for free books to read:



Today we are going to think about some key words we might use in our space project and hopefully we can start to recognise them. Have a look at the space word mat found in the resources. Do you know what any of the words say? Try writing some of the words out, using your handwriting skills so far. Can you draw a picture to accompany your words?



As we continue to think about adding numbers together, can you remember the symbol for add? What does it look like? 

Remember in class we were starting to use numicon to help us with our numbers. I have put a numicon help sheet in the resources so your adults can see what it is. Complete the numicon addition worksheet found in resources. If you are unable to print the sheet, ask your grown up to write out some simple addition questions for you to solve using your play dough that was sent home.



Revise your phase 2 sounds and the phase 3 sounds j, v, w and z. You will find a phase 3 sound mat in the resources below if you didn’t manage to collect a pack from school. 

Have a go at playing the phonics game using the following link:

When you go on the game make sure you choose phase 2 and then you can pick any group of letters. Have fun!


Afternoon activity:

As we are doing lots about space, take a little look at this space song, using the following link:

Can you remember any of the names of the planets? Let’s start with the sun……..take a look at the sun power point that can be found in the resources. Can you draw, paint or create your very own sun! Don’t forget to send me pictures of your suns and be as creative as you like!!!!


Mrs Jukes x