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Friday 22nd January 2021



Welcome to Friday everyone!  Well done for all your hard work so far this week, remember to send us photos of your work so we can see it and also so you can show/tell us about anything else you might have been getting up to.  We do miss seeing you in school!    


Reflection - Hope is Contagious

During Reflection this morning we will watch this video clip:


The video is called 'Hope is Contagious'.  It talks about how things are so very different for everyone at the moment and how challenging that is.  The Coronovirus pandemic has forced us to be separated; separated from so many who, ordinarily, we would be with and would enjoy being with -  e.g. family and friends.


The message of the video is that although we have been separated, we are still connected (we have all had to learn new ways to connect with each other haven't we?!). Through faith, love and hope we are still able to reach out to people and to help those who are in need.


After watching the video, think about those we know who are in need, who do we know who might need our help?  Pray for those in need and pray that we might be able to help others through these challenging times.




We have reached the end of our unit on Multiplication and Division!  Well done for all your hard work and we hope that you are all feeling OK with your work in this area of maths.


So that we can all see how you have got on and how you are feeling about your learning and understanding in this area, for today's maths please complete the short end of unit assessment.  It's not necessary to print it out, you can read the questions on your device and write your answers in your book.  

I'm not going to provide the answers as we will go through your answers and mark them together when we meet on Zoom at 1.30pm.  So make sure that you have your answers with you at the 1.30pm meeting so that we can mark your answers and you can let us know your score.  Thank you.


English - SPAG

Parenthesis - Step 2: Using Brackets to Indicate Parenthesis


Today, we move on to step 2 in our work on Recognising Parenthesis and we work on 'Using brackets to indicate Parenthesis' (remember you can use brackets, dashes or commas).


Look through the PowerPoint slides and then work though the questions.  Choose either 'a' questions on the left of the questions sheet,  or  'b' questions on the right of the sheet.  Once you are finished, use the answers at the bottom of the document to mark your work.


Earth and Space


Research - What is it like on the other planets in the solar system?

As part of finding out about the orbits of the planets in our solar system relative to our Sun, can we find out more about  the effect that the position of the planet/s in the solar system has on the conditions on those planets?  For example, Mercury is the closest planet to the sun - what effect do you think this has on the planet?  What is Mercury like as a result of being so close to the sun?  How might it compare to what Neptune (being the furthest from the sun) is like?


Below you will find several links to websites that will teach you what it is like on the other planets.  Maybe you also have some books at home that you could use?


Can you find out what it is like on some of the other planets and present your findings in an interesting way?  You could make a poster for example!