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Daily Reflection: Our focus this week is 'Prayer'

Listen to the music using the following link and think about the five different groups you could say a little pray for, as seen in our picture above. Today maybe you could pray for those who are closest to you:


"My heart rejoices in the Lord. The Lord has made me strong." 1 Samuel 2



Morning Imps, 

Just to say.......


Start of the day:

Listen to our good morning song:


Handwriting Ready:

Listen to our crocodile snap song using the following link and get those hands ready:

It is really important this term that we really work on our letter formation. We are going to work on the letter e today.

Have a try at writing the letter e using your handwriting sheet, your handwriting book or any materials you can find. You may want to write it using chalk in your garden or using paint on your finger.



Spend some time reading your book from school or a chosen book from home. If it is a book from home, really think about trying to use your sounds to read the words or trying to spot some of our tricky words. In the resources you will find an ‘I spy read game’ if you would like to use it. You have to read the words and then find the picture to match the word. 



Today we are thinking about where Bob goes to work…. the moon. Have you seen pictures of the moon? Do you know what it looks like? Have a look at some of the pictures found in the resources and talk about what you see. How could you describe the moon? Create your own picture of the moon using any materials you have at home. You could do your moon picture on the computer maybe, or use paint, pencils etc. Try writing the word moon and space!



Look at the subtraction questions found in the resources. Try and find 10 counters using something at home e.g., pasta shapes, rocks, socks, leaves etc. Use your counters to work out the take away questions and write down your answer on the sheet, on some paper or on your laminated sheet. See if your adult can write you a more tricky questions….you may need to find some more counters. 

If you would like, you could try some of these challenges.



Revise all of your phase 2 sounds and the phase 3 sounds j, v, w and z, x and y. 

Today we are learning a brand-new sound ‘qu’ which is always at the beginning of words. This has two letters making one sound, a digraph! What the following video link to see how this sound is pronounced correctly:

Can you draw a picture of a queen to help you remember the qu sound? If you would like a queen to colour in instead of drawing one, you can find one in the resources.


Afternoon activity:

Can you find out something interesting about the moon? You could use the computer with your parent’s permission, or you could have a look in some books. 

Make some moon rocks using tin foil, you need to scrunch them up to look like rocks. Then find an empty box, bucket or box and see how many moon rocks you can throw into the box. Can you get them all in? Count up how many altogether. 

Mrs Jukes x