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Our Zoom at 10am today was about using conjunctions.

  • I like lemonade, but Mr Ruiz prefers cola.
  • Would you prefer soup or a sandwich?
  • I’ve eaten four bananas today, so I’ve got a tummy ache.
  • I take milk and sugar in my coffee.
  • He’s seventy-two years old, yet he still swims, runs and plays football regularly.
  • She must have been very hungry, for she ate everything immediately.
  • I don't like chocolate ice-cream, nor celery.

Phonics wh

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Art and Design:

In the Zoom at 11.30am we will be investigating space mission patches.

RE: Jesus' Baptism


Use your Bible at home to find Find Matthew’s account of Jesus' Baptism (3: 13-17) or  use the PowerPoint below. 

Either read this to an adult or get an adult to read it to you, even better take it in turns.

The reader says, ‘A reading from the holy Gospel according to Matthew’. 

The listener responds by saying ‘Glory to You O Lord’

Read the passage.

At the end the reader says, ‘The Gospel of the Lord'. 

The listener replies, ‘Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ'. 


Discuss at home or find out what sign is made when we listen to the Gospels?