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Daily Reflection : Our focus this week is 'Understanding'

As you listen to the music today, think about how we need to understand the importance of the beautiful world God has given to us and how it is our job to look after it. What can we do to look after our world?


"The peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Jesus Christ." Philippians 4:7


Hello Imps,

Thank you so much for all of your help with our class assembly, you are little superstars and I can't believe that you managed to do an assembly even in lockdown......amazing!


Start of the day:

Listen to our good morning song:


Fine Motor Skills:

Listen to our crocodile snap song using the following link and get those hands ready:

Ask your grown up if you could use one of their clothes pegs and have a go at opening and closing the peg to build those hand muscles up. See if you can pick up things with the peg, by opening and closing it and maybe moving things from one place to another. 



Choose a book to read and look at. Can you read the story to your favourite teddy bear? If you cannot read all the words, don’t worry because you can look at the pictures and put the story into your own words. You could even use a silly voice.



Look at your space collage/painting or drawing from the previous day and think about how you can describe your picture, just like we described the sun in last weeks learning. Think of lots of describing words and choose the ones you like the most to construct a describing sentence. It would be lovely if you are able to share your sentences with the class. When writing your sentence, don’t forget your finger spaces and the full stop at the end. 



Today we are going to continue thinking about 2d shapes. Let’s go on a shape hunt! Have a look around your house a see if you can find any items that match your shape mat found in the resources. When you have found all of the shapes, take a picture of all of the items together and send it to me. Can remember the name of each shape? Maybe you could label each shape.



Revise all of your phase 2 sounds and the phase 3 sounds that we have learnt so far: j, v, w and z, x, y, qu and ch.

We are going to be thinking about a new sound today ‘th’ Use the video link to help with the pronunciation of this sound:  Can you think of any words that contain th? Have a go at the following phonics game:

When go onto the game choose the pick your own graphemes tab and then you are able to choose all of phase 2 and the phase 3 sounds that we have covered. 


Afternoon activity:

Have a look again at our solar system song using the following link and keep an eye out for Saturn:

Using a computer or some books, see if you can find out something about Saturn. What interesting fact can you find?

Create your own Saturn model using whatever materials you can find. Maybe have a look in the recycle bin to see what you can use and don’t forget Saturn has a ring around it!


Mrs Jukes x