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Good Morning Unicorns!laugh

What is brown, hairy and wears sunglasses?

A coconut on holiday.



Join me at 9:00am for our Zoom – a quick Zoom this morning to see how you are all getting on. We will share our final reflection together for the week on ‘Compassion’.  



The theme this week is compassion.


Morning Lessons


Catch music with Duncan today at 10.00am!



Well done for all your hard work this week – I think everyone is enjoying the text. Thank you to all the children who have emailed their work to me from yesterday. Today I would like you to spend time editing/improving your work from yesterday.

LO: to edit/improve my writing independently.

Share your work with a grown up or sibling at home – what was their feedback? Maybe you could contact a friend from the class via Zoom or video call? Can you read your work to each other and do some peer marking? Again, you can always send your work to me (if you have not done so already) so I can give you helpful hints and tips for the editing process.


What do you do if you are finished? Share your work with me! I would like to keep copies and display these on the website for everyone to see.


Reading: Spend some quiet time enjoying your own reading book today – read for 30 minutes. 





It’s time to rock out to some TT Rockstars – Go on and have a play to practise those timetables this morning – why not pick a good song to dance to too?


LO: divide numbers and decimals by 10, 100, 1000.

Today’s lesson: ‘Divide by 10, 100 and 1000’

Find the right video and watch carefully – work through the tasks on the video first of all. Again,  I am confident you will all do really well with today’s lesson. When you are ready move on to today’s worksheet – try your best to work independently. If you get stuck ask a grown up for help or you can email me.


enlightenedFor those children who took part in my extra zoom maths sessions this week on 'Fractions of Amounts', I have left the video and PowerPoint at the bottom of the page for you to return to today. Try to challenge yourself at the last few questions on the PowerPoint. 



Join me at 12:00pm for our Zoom call before lunch. Today we will reflect on the first full week of remote learning and our zooms. You can ask me questions and also share any ideas you have for future zoom lessons- would be lovely to check in and make sure everyone is okay.  

Afternoon Lessons


LO: to know and learn the different kinds of books in the bible. I have saved in today’s documents some cards that will help you recall the key sections of the bible. Can you make some study cards of your own to help you remember? It would be lovely to share photographs of these on the website. Remember you can send them to me at



LO: to learn the names of school subjects in French.  See below in today’s documents a PowerPoint called ‘French Subjects’ Can you work through the PowerPoint – listen carefully to the different pronunciations of the vocabulary. Can you write a list of the new words you have learned today?

Activity: design a timetable of the school subjects you have studied at home this week. You can use pictures and of course the new vocabulary from today.


Happy Friday –the end of the week is here! Well done Unicorns – you have all worked so hard and it has been lovely hearing from some of you and seeing your lovely faces over zoom. Have a great weekend and see you all Monday morning.

Love, Mrs Jessup. xx

Fractions of Amounts - Primary

This video goes through how to find fractions of amounts. Ideal for Key Stage 2 students (SATs).Questions: