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Hi Griffins!  

Welcome to Thursday!

How has your week been so far?  Have you been working hard?  What have you learned this week? 

I wonder if anyone can tell us something interesting that they have done or learned so far this week when we meet on Zoom today?!


Remember your 'Extra Zooms' today - 

12pm - Music

2.40pm - KS2 Assembly




The theme for our Reflections this week is Understanding. 

“For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth comes knowledge and understanding.”

Proverbs 2:6

We shall be thinking about this quote from the book of Proverbs during our Reflection.  What comes to your mind when you read or hear those words?  How does God give Wisdom?  How can God's Knowledge and Understanding help us?





Lessons this week are from Spring Week 4 - Number: Fractions.


Watch the video 'Fractions Greater than 1' then answer the questions.


This is a recap lesson and as such is labelled 'Year 4'.  We are using it as a refresher to remind ourselves of learning we came across last year.  I wonder how much of it you will remember?!      



Reading Comprehension - The Solar System

Today's reading comprehension is a non-fiction information text about the Solar System.  Hopefully you will learn some more interesting facts and information linked to our science topic!

Read the information carefully and answer the questions.  

We will go through the answers in our Zoom at 1.30pm this afternoon, so have your answers ready to talk about and mark!


FRENCH - Describing the Planets (continued)    




Well done if you had a go last week at describing the planets in French.  Did you use a dictionary to find some French adjectives to describe the planets?  e.g. rouge for Mars or rapide for Mercury.


This week we continue to learn and to practise how to describe the 8 planets in our Solar System in French.  

Here is the video again so that you can remind yourself how to say and spell the names of the 8 planets:



After reminding yourself how to say the planet names there is an activity on the sheet below.  It builds on what you did last week and asks you to find a describing word for each of the 8 planets and then to write sentences using the words in the table that you create.  Can you write a sentence for each of the 8 planets?  See if you can!  You can save the document on your computer and add your work to it and 'Save As' and save it with your work added or you can print it off and write on it or you can just write your work into your Remote Learning book.  So, it's up to you how you record your French work but I would love to see it - so do send it to me or send me a photo, if you can, I would really like to see how you get on!