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Good morning Elves and HAPPY FRIDAY! ♥

It is the final day of our focus on  Forgiveness this week. If we love one another then we should be able to find it in our hearts to forgive. Next time someone is seeking your forgiveness it is worth remembering that. 

10am English (ZOOM)

Our last English lesson! I hope you enjoy today's activity - we're going to watch a video called "Chocolate Cake" that I am sure you will enjoy just as much as I do. I'm sure I've watched it about 3425 times!!! Then I would like you to be an illustrator and design a front cover for it. The only information you must include is:


the title of the story Chocolate Cake

the author's name Michael Rosen


We will talk about what makes a good front cover during our Zoom session. we will watch this together in our Zoom lesson


11.30am Art (ZOOM)

You are going to LOVE our Art focus today. We are going to watch a clip of the BBC children's television programme 'Tinga Tinga Tales' which is inspired by traditional African animal folktales and the art of Tanzania. Tinga tinga is a fun, animated and creative style of Art that was created by an artist called Edward Tingatinga.


We are going to have some fun creating our own animals in the style of tinga tinga.

Go onto the website above. The first box says ONLINE COLOURING BOOK. At the bottom of that box it says all the colouring pages Click on this. Scroll down and find an animal image that you like. Have a go! You can save the image or take a screenshot of it. This will work on a tablet, computer or laptop. Have fun! smiley

PE/Outdoor learning

Thinking about the beautiful rainbows you made yesterday, are you able to get outside for a walk with a grown up to see what colours of the rainbow you can find in the natural world around you? Before you do this, have a listen to the video of Mrs Langley reading Wow! Said The Owl on the Video Resource Centre which is sure to give you some inspiration.





Quiet reading/story time

Perhaps you could read outside today! Have you ever read in your garden before? If not, have a go! I bet the birds would enjoy your story if you read it out loud.