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"Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith." 

Matthew 21:22


Use the PowerPoint below to help you edit your work from yesterday.


Today is the 'ir' phoneme

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Our Zoom at 10am looked at the Maths so far this week.   See the PowerPoint below:

Adding two, 2 digit numbers

After the Zoom call, please try subtracting on the video.

Topic Work:

Our Zoom call at 11.30am was Design and Technology.  See the sheet for your task.  Remember Elves should be sitting and concentrating on tasks for about 20 minutes.  Use a timer if it helps.


Before you watch the film clip and or read the short story, look out for the following:

What the priest or deacon does and says.

What the altar servers do.

What the people do and say.

How the Book of the Gospels is treated.

Talk at home with an adult about what you see in the video and compare it with what you see at church.


The Gospel being read.

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A Short Story:

Michael and Cathy were twins. Both had been altar servers at St Mary’s for some time, but this Sunday they were going to have a special part. They were going to carry the candles for the Gospel reading.


Father David had practiced with them, showing them what to do and how to carry the candles. Now they were ready.


After the end of the second reading, everyone stood up and sang, “Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.”


Michael and Cathy picked up the candle sticks, holding them carefully and as straight as they could. They took their places on either side of Father David. Angela Quinn walked ahead of them carrying the thurible with the incense. It was like a procession.


Father David was holding the Book of Gospels with both hands, high in front of him. When they got to the lectern he put the book down and opened it. Michael and Cathy stood on either side facing him holding their candles steady. He took the thurible from Angela and waved it so that incense went swirling towards the Book of the Gospels. He gave it back to Angela and looked at all the people.


He said, “The Lord be with you,” and everyone replied “And with your spirit.” Then he said, “A reading from the Holy Gospel according to Luke.” He made the Sign of the Cross on the Book of the Gospels and on his forehead, his lips and his heart. Everyone in the church made the Sign of the Cross on their foreheads, lips and hearts and said, “Glory to You O Lord.”


When Father David had finished reading the Gospel, he said, “The Gospel of the Lord,” and everyone replied, “Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ.”