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Today when we take the time to reflect I would like you to find someone to hold hands with and just be still with them, holding hands and enjoying the company of someone else.


We are going to work through the text we have already explored in Ice Trap. We are going to practice some reading skills, in particular we are going to practice our retrieval skills. Retrieval is the skill of reading a section of text or a whole story and find facts, information, description language or anything else from what you have read. The questions I have set you to have a go at are from both the first and second pages of the book. Good luck and email me if you need support answering them.

Q1 - What was the name of the stowaway?

Q2 - What is the name of the captain of the ship?

Q3 - Where are they sailing to?

Q4 - What did Shackleton threaten to do to Percy?

Q5 - What two things was Percy feeling when he was discovered?

Q6 - How old was Percy on the expedition?

Q7 - What was the name of the ship they were all sailing on?

Q8 - What colour does the say the author say the sea is?

Q9 - What animals had they brought on the expedition with them?

Q10 - In which direction was Shackleton sailing his ship?

Q11 - Which word means the temperature dropped very quickly?

Q12 - Which season was coming to an end?


Today we are going to carry  on with our work on multiplication and division. We are exploring how to make multiplication the most efficient and easy as we can. There is a video found at the link below


Alongside working through the video content, there is also a work sheet that will help you practice making multiplication as efficient as possible.

Project and Topic

I am going to set you 2 tasks to have ago at today. I am not going to give you lots of explanation for each one as I would like you to have a go at them in your own way. You could make something on the computer, draw, write, paint, make a model the choice is completely up to you. What I would like to do is share one of the tasks in our 2:00pm zoom today. You do not need to have completed both tasks, you can can just choose one task to complete by this afternoons zoom to share. The two tasks are:


1 - Research who Sir Ernest Shackleton was. Find facts, information, pictures and anything else out about him.


2 - Create a map of Shackleton's 1914-1916 Antarctic expedition. This is the expedition that is happening in our book Ice Trap!.