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Daily Reflection: Our theme this week is 'Prayer'

Prayer is about taking a moment in your day to talk to God. While you listen to the music using the link, have a think about how often you talk to God:


"You will make your prayer to him and he will hear you." Job 22


Good Morning Imps, 

I hope that you and your family had a lovely weekend and enjoyed a good rest. You worked so hard last week and I am really proud of you. Have a great day!


Start of the day:

Listen to our good morning song:


Handwriting Ready:

Listen to our crocodile snap song using the following link and get those hands ready:

It is really important this term that we really work on our letter formation. We are going to work on the letter k today.

Take a look at the following link to show you how this is written:

Try writing the letter in the air with your finger or using some ribbon. Have a try on your laminated handwriting sheet that was sent home in your packs. 



Choose a book from home to read today. Look at the pictures carefully and see if you can sound out any of the smaller words. Which page is your favourite and why? 

Does your book have any of our tricky words in it? Remember our tricky words from last week were: no, go, and, I and to. Happy hunting!!



Let’s have a look at the aliens in our book called ‘Man on the moon.’ The pictures of the aliens can be found in the resources below. What do you see? Can you describe the aliens to someone in your house? Can you draw your own alien picture, using the pictures from the story for inspiration? Maybe your alien is going to have two heads or six eyes. Maybe your alien is going to be purple with red spots. Make your alien nice and big so we can share them. I can’t wait to see your aliens!!



Count to 20, forwards and backwards to warm your brains up!

This week we are thinking about taking away and the symbol for this is –

When we take away one number from another, we see how many are left. I have written some number sentences for you to have a go at. Use some counters (pasta shapes, lego bricks, playdough, teddy bears etc) from home to help you. The first number in the number sentence is how many you start with and the next number is how many you have left. We will go through this together in our zoom lesson. 



Revise all of your phase 2 sounds and the phase 3 sounds j, v, w and z. 

Today we are learning the sound y. Have a watch of the video to listen to the pronunciation of this sound:

Can you think of anything beginning with the letter y? Try and create a picture using only yellow pens or pencils or anything in your house that is yellow?  Y for yellow!


Afternoon activity:

Have a listen to the song ‘Paint the sky with stars song’ by Enya using the following link and also look carefully at the pictures:

Can you create your own stars in the sky painting/picture?

Maybe tonight you could go out with your adult and look at the stars in the sky.



Mrs Jukes x