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Hello Elves and Happy Friday to you! heart

And what an exciting day we have ahead as we will virtually meet Alexis Deacon, the author of 'Beegu' during our 11.30am Zoom meeting. 


Also, as part of Children's Mental Health week, I would like to make sure that today you spend time doing something you love. In yesterday's Reflection time together, we talked about the idea of expressing our thoughts and feelings through dancing, jumping, creating, moving, dressing up and singing, amongst other things. Watch the short film clip again and take the time to reflect upon YOU smiley This afternoon you will have the time and opportunity to do something that will make your heads and hearts happy heart heart heart


Listen to the song below and remember you are being brave and courageous right here and right now, adapting to this new way of learning when it is not always easy!


10am Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar ZOOM 

Today we are going to be thinking about apostrophes for contractions which you started to look at yesterday. 

11.30am English ZOOM with special guest, Alexis Deacon!

PE/Outdoor learning

For our Science this week, we discussed how important it is for children to be active for one hour (that's 60 minutes) a day! If we were in school we would be doing PE, so please spend some time today being active. If you can do this outside, then even better. Fresh air and a bit of sunshine does everyone the world of good and a spot of rain is fun too! You came up with so many ideas yesterday, you will be spoilt for choice! How about...

going for a walk, jumping, running, racing, cycling, scooting, dancing, playing football, doing star jumps, skipping, tree climbing and dog walking!

Children's Mental Health Week

Have another look at the video we shared for our reflection time yesterday. What do you LOVE to do? What makes your heart sing and your head happy? We would love it if you can spend some time this afternoon doing something you LOVE! It might be something that ties into a physical or outdoor activity or it could be something completely different like painting a picture or playing an instrument. I'd love to see what you love doing!

Wishing everybody a very happy weekend. I can't believe we only have one week left until half term! As next Friday is the last day of term, we shall have a Fancy Dress Friday so have a little think about that between then and now! smiley