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Thursday Home Learning- Hobbits Class

Good morning Hobbits!



I am really looking forward to seeing you today at 11.00 and 1.00 on Zoom. We will be doing English in our first Zoom and Reading Comprehension in our second and going through any questions about the learning in the second. 


Have a wonderful day. 



Our theme in reflection this week is


Listen to this song and light a candle (with a grown ups permission) and take this moment to calm and quiet.

What words in the song may you feel something?

What feeling do they make you feel?



See you in Zoom!

Today in English we are going to start writing our Beginning. 

We will be writing our fairy tale section by section preparing for our big write. 


The introduction starts our story off, sets the scene and introduces our characters. 

To start you are going to look at my beginning and write notes on what went well and how to improve it. 



Once upon a time there was a boy called Bob. Bob was in a tower. The tower was guarded by a three headed dog that was owned by the evil woman who had long dark hair. She was called Ezzie. Bob was very bored in his tower so he came up with a plan on how to escape. 


Your task is to create your introduction use your tool kit to help you. 

Remember we want to use our amazing Year 3 vocabulary so there will be lots of descriptive language so the reader can almost see a film in their head of your story. 



We are focussing on adverbs.

Today we are focussing on adverbs of place. 

Rewatch the video

Go to your reading book and find any Adverbs of Place you find in there and create a poster of all of them. 



  • Today’s Maths Learning

Week 1 Comparing statements- Watch the video and complete the questions in your books. The worksheet will be at the bottom of the sheet. 



  • Try to do 30 minutes of Times Tables Rockstars- I shall be monitoring your progress!


Our focus this week is Place Value and Number Fluency.

Todays number is 200.

The worksheets are the bottom of the page you don't have to print it off you can just write the answers. 

You have 15 minutes to complete your sheet, take your time and think carefully. Don't forget about your presentation!


Reading Comprehension

See you on Zoom!


I am going to read you the story of The Girls by Lauren Ace and Jenny Lovlie

There is a set of questions for you to answer about the story at the bottom of the page. 

If you can't come to the Zoom or need to go over the story again here is a link to someone else reading it for you.



In our French lesson today we will be looking at Nursery Rhymes in French. 


Your task is to see if you can learn one of these songs and send me a video. 

You can find your own nursery rhyme to learn if you want to challenge yourself. 

I will put your amazing singing videos on the website for the whole school to enjoy. -Alouette, gentille alouette -Il était une fermière -Au clair de la lune -Frere Jacques 



Keep in contact my email is send me pictures, your work or just for a chat!

Stay safe.


Lots of love,

Miss Storti xx

Arithmetic Worksheet

Reading Comprehension Worksheet