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This morning we shall start our Zoom lesson at 9.30 with a short Reflection which will lead us into this morning’s learning.





“For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth comes knowledge and understanding.”


Proverbs 2:6


The start of this lesson will follow on from our Reflection on our 9.30 Zoom call.

Learning Objective: I know that the parish family spends time together after mass.

I know how to show my appreciation for the special people that do things for me.

Special People


Children to look carefully at the picture of the people helping after mass to serve refreshments etc. Children to write some sentences to describe what they see.

After our Zoom input choose one of the following activities or more than one if you'd like –


  • Create thank you cards and flowers for people who have helped you.



  • Create a focal point for the end of the lesson in which we can remember these special people. Again take a photo and send it to me.



Today’s phonics session will be at 11am on Zoom. 

Please see log in details that were sent in an App message.

our sound today is "ew" as in blew and flew.

Recapping tricky words oh, their, people, Mr, Mrs, asked, called.

Graphemes learned since week 2 ay, ou, ie, ea, oy, ir, ue. aw, wh, ph



Learning objective: I can add by counting on.



Today watch the second add by counting on video. Pause when asked and answer the maths problems.  Then complete questions 1,2 and 3 on the worksheet attached at the bottom of this page.




Learning Objective: I can create art using a variety of media.

Look at the Tower of London and make your own sketch.  Look at the information about the Tower on the video link below.





Make a pencil sketch of the Tower of London.  You could even look for a picture of a raven and sketch that too.  I’ll look forward to seeing your finished art works.