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Good morning Elves ♥

Our reflection theme this week is Strength.

We will listen to this together at 10am. The lyrics remind us of the strength we all have inside ♥

10am English (Zoom)

Today we are going to keep reading 'We're Going on a Lion Hunt' until the girls reach the lion's cave. Then we are going to think of some adjectives to describe the character and behaviour of a lion. We can use a thesaurus to help us come up with some better words that might be new to you.

11.30am Science (ZOOM)

Before half term we looked at the life cycle of a butterfly. Today we are going to investigate another life cycle which is included in the story below:

Your task is to create the life cycle of a frog. 

Spelling, punctuation and grammar

I would like you to revise the four different types of sentences: 

statements   commands   questions   exclamations

Please start by watching the second video on the webpage linked below (Learn about the four types of sentences with Mr Firth):

You might want to pause the video to have a go at some of the examples towards the end. Your task for this session is so have a go at writing down one statement, one command, one question and one exclamation of your choice! Don't forget to email these to me - I love to see your learning heart

2.10pm EYFS & KS1 Assembly (Zoom) see you there heart

2.45pm Storytime/quiet reading 

This afternoon I'd like you to listen to a story. Below is a link to BBC Sounds where you can choose a story to listen to. You will need a BBC iplayer account to log into this (it's free if you don't already have one!).

Once you have browsed the stories, choose one, press play, close your eyes and visualise the story as you listen to it. Listen really carefully so you can talk about what happened in the story. What was your favourite part and would you recommend it to anyone else?