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Did you know?

Ripe cranberries will bounce like a ball! (Try it!) They also float.



Join me at 9:00am for our morning reflection – we continue to reflect around the theme of ‘Understanding’. Today I have a little story from ‘Winne the Pooh’ that I think is perfect for our zoom meeting.



The theme this week is understanding.

Zoom Assembly:

KS2 assembly with Mrs Huotari / Mr Langley at 9:40am   


Morning Lessons


Arithmetic - X fractions.

5/6 x 4 =

3/7 x 2 =

2/9 x 18 =

4/5 x 20 =

2/3 x 5 =

(Tip – the ghostly one goes underneath the whole number and then you multiply the two fractions.)


LO: to understand decimals as fractions.

Today’s learning is to understand decimals as fractions. Please follow the link to the White Rose Video to get you started. ‘Decimals as Fractions’ – Remember to pause the video and answer questions when instructed. I have added the worksheet and answers to follow today’s lesson just below. I have also includes the PiXL Powerpoint that we started to look through yesterday over zoom - you may wish to recap this before you start: 

Extra Maths Zoom:

Unicorns, a small number of you have been invited to a Maths Zoom lesson today, which should help you – very similar to the boosters in school. This is at 10:30 am today via Zoom.

If you too are struggling with the Maths but have not been sent an invitation to join us then please email me: so I can add you to the group.



LO: to write in role as a character from our text.

Activity: Today I would like to write a diary entry in role as either ‘Macbeth’ or ‘Lady Macbeth’. Begin with a little planning. Answer the following questions, make a note or create a mind map that will help you:

  • Who are you going to write in role as? (Macbeth or Lady Macbeth)
  • What key events have happened to them in the story so far?
  • What is their personality like? What are their traits?
  • What are their most inner thoughts at this point of the story?
  • Note down the characters thoughts and feelings at this point- this is essential for a diary entry.


Once you have some idea of what you would like to write in your diary entry then get started! This is a real creative task – it is completely up to you. Tips to remember:

- Write in the first person for a diary.

- Keep it informal.

- Include your thoughts and how you feel about people or a situation. 

- You might start with 'Dear Diary' or something similar. 

- It might be amusing or sad in places. 

To make your diary entry extra special, why not try writing it on tea-stained paper? I have saved a template of tea-stained paper if you are able to print it off at home. If not, why not check out some tutorials here for how you can do it at home, all you need is one tea bag, your paper, a cup and some warm water (not boiling hot!):



Join me at 12:00pm for our Zoom call before lunch. Today we shall be catching up to see how you have got on with today’s lessons so far. Hope you are all okay – looking forward to seeing you.


Afternoon Lessons


LO: to understand what we mean by the word ‘refraction’.

Get today’s science lesson started by watching this clip from BBC Bitesize:


We will find out today what happens when light travels through water or glass. Light travels and bounces off surfaces into our eyes. When light travels from air through water, glass or anything that lets light through, it gets bent. This bending is called refraction.

I have a simple experiment for you to try at home to help you see ‘refraction’ in action (Eeeek that rhymes) for yourself. You will not need much at all.


  • A large glass
  • Water
  • Pen (felt tips) Paper.

Follow the instructions for this simple but super cool experiment from the video below!

Alternatively, check it out with further instruction and explanation from this website:

Remember to send me some photos of your refraction experiments to let me know how you got on:  

Cool Light Refraction Science Experiment


LO: to develop speed and accuracy with typing.

Touch typing is the fastest way to write and many people quickly learn to touch type faster than they can write with a pen. The important things to remember are:

  • Use the correct fingers.
  • There is no need to rush!
  • Make sure you are sat comfortably and always rest your wrists on the desk.
  • If you need to, take a break to relax your hands/arms and muscles if you get tired.

You will need headphones or speakers to enjoy the song and dance in each game! Follow the link to get started (There are 4 levels to master!):


Hope you have all had a great day, keep in touch and remember to send any work you may have to me, if you can – See you tomorrow at 9:00am. mail


Mrs Jessup. xx