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This week our theme for reflection is understanding. This can take many forms and reflected on in many different ways:

understanding the word of God

understanding each others emotions

understanding our learning

The list is endless. Reflect and share on the image and take the time to be calm still to start our new week.



Today we are beginning to look at a new area of maths, the area of an object or a shape. Today we just exploring the concept of area. There is a link to the videos found here


Alongside working through the video content, there is also a work sheet that will expand on what area is.



Today we would normally be carrying on with the next part of our book. However to help us with our next few days of learning we are going to do our SPAG day today. We are going to be recap something I think we covered very quickly before Christmas which was SPEECH.

Below here is a great video that will explore and explain speech marks to you.


Punctuation: Introduction to speech marks (KS2)

What will I learn? How to use speech marks to punctuate what characters are saying.Questions: What are speech marks also known as?

After this video there is also a good powerpoint that will recap the learning for you as well order the tasks for you to try and have a go at. All the tasks are about speech, either in speech bubbles or using speech marks/inverted commas.
Please remember you do not have to do all of these activities, please only pick one or two to have a go at unless you really, really, really want to do them all!


Task 1

We are continuing to explore the community, especially the community of the church. The leader of a local church community is the priest. The priest within a church is there for all the community, can you name any of the jobs that a priest is responsible for? Mind map any jobs or roles you think a priest is responsible for. The list of jobs that a priest has to undertake are endless, they have to administer the sacraments, care for the sick, support schools, be available to give advice etc. Did you have any of these.


Knowing all of these things what kind of traits and attributes do you think a parish priest needs to have? What kind of man do they need to be? Can you create a job advert that is advertising for a new parish priest. You need to explain what kind of person you are after and what jobs they would need to do. You can create your advert in any way you would like.


To help with the language around attributes and traits there is a word mat below to help and support. Remember however, they aren't all positive attributes!

Task 2

It would be a very tough and hard job for a single priest to do all the jobs inside of the parish and have to keep the church read and accessible for mass and people to visit or use. Instead there is a team of people that work with the priest to do some of these jobs for him. What jobs do you think other people do to help the priest? Create a list of these jobs. Do you think these jobs are helpful and valuable? If you are struggling for ideas have a look at the website for Our Lady Help of Christians here for some clues

I would like you to create a collage of images to represent the the roles and responsibilities of people in the church.