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Good Morning Unicorns!laugh

What do you call a droid that takes the long way around?

R2 detour.


*Sorry, you might only get that one if you’re a Star Wars fan.



Join me at 9:00am for our Zoom – a quick Zoom this morning to see how you are all getting on. We will share our final reflection together for the week on ‘Courage’ but also continuing to think about Children's Mental Health week and being able to 'Express Yourself' ! heart 


Have courage - and let us connect to our true selves today. Be YOU. Because you are... AWESOME! 


Morning Lessons



Catch music with Duncan today at 10.00am!



To end the week, take a look at this fantastic Shakespeare lesson from the BBC – it is from a few years ago now. Follow the link to it here ‘Shakespeare: Unplugged – Live Lesson’


The lesson focuses on aspects of Shakespeare's language and characters, and teaches you how to turn those famous words and scenes into a performance or production of your own. The video is just under an hour long so you may want to break it up and watch small sections throughout the day.



Spend some time reading you own book today – this is a very mindful activity.heart




It’s time to rock out to some TT Rockstars – Go on and have a play to practise those timetables this morning! Make sure you contact me if you need your log in details – I can share them with you.


Activity: A simplifying fractions colouring worksheet - to help you revise and practise simplifying fractions. 


enlightenedUnicorns this is the work from our extra maths session yesterday - for the children that took part please can you finish the questions on the PowerPoint and watch the video too! Anyone can have a go at these questions and you can all watch the video too for some extra tips on finding percentages of an amount. 

Percentages without a calculator - Corbettmaths


Join me at 12:00pm for our Zoom call before lunch. Remember it is what we are now calling – ‘Funky Friday’! Cannot wait to see you all. This week the theme is dress to express and we are telling JOKES! laugh Be prepared with your jokes to share with the class over zoom today: 



Afternoon Lessons


LO: to read and understand Jesus’ prayer for Unity.

Jesus often spoke to his disciples about the importance of unity among them. In the text from John’s Gospel, part of Jesus’ prayer for his disciples just before his arrest, Jesus makes it clear how they would be more effective witnesses of his love if there was unity among them. Have a read of the prayer on the document attached – it is the last paragraph of the sheet. ‘Jesus’ prayer for his friends (based on John 17:11-12; 20-23)’


Use the text from John’s Gospel to inspire you to write your own prayer for unity. It can be a prayer for unity, a prayer for your dear friends or write about both.



LO: to listen carefully to a story told in French.

Follow the link to BBC bitesize: Choose a story French story to watch or listen to this afternoon.

What story did you choose? You can make notes of any new words you have learnt.


Friday Fun:

Choose from one of the activities from the grid to end your week:


Thank you all for another fantastic week of learning! Next week is the last week of term, where has the time gone! We have all been so busy, well done everyone.

Love, Mrs Jessup. xxheart