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Good Morning Elves.

It's Wednesday so we are zooming at 10am, 10.40am for music with Duncan and 11.30am. 



If you could put another word on the washing line, what would it be?


We will be 'checking in' with maths this morning.  If you've found anything difficult please let me know.

It's subtracting across 10 today.

And our game is:

PowerPoint with a few tips


A game to play. Choose Phase 3 or 4 to practise what you should already be confident with.


Still image for this video
Our zoom at 11.30 will have a well being focus.  It's all a bit strange and unusual at the moment. Let's have chat together.  You will lead this conversation and you will try to help each other.


I've uploaded the file and we have words! Look at the picture really carefully.  Remember her name is Beegu.  Complete the exercise on the sheet in your books. 

Think about how she's feeling ?

What you can see? 

How does this picture make you feel?

The questions we've written this week.

If you are a star you could up-level your work, don't write 'sad' if she looks miserable. Write excited instead of happy.....

Good luck

English task for today

Our Science from yesterday

Topic Work:

Please continue your topic work research on Helen Sharman, if you have time today.