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Today we begin our last week of reflections before half term. We are exploring the theme of honesty this week. Honesty is a key part of living as a member of God's family. When we are honest with each other, our selves and God it can make us feel better. Today I want you to think about when you have not been honest with your family during this lockdown. Why was that? How did it make you feel? Could you have done something differently?


Today we are continuing to explore and look at fractions. Today we are looking at the first of three days on equivalent fractions. There is a link to the videos found here


Alongside working through the video content, there is also a work sheet that will expand on recognising and calculating equivalent fractions.


Today we are looking at just an illustration from the next part of the book. We know that Shackleton has only picked a few of his bravest, toughest and most loyal crew to go with him.


Have a look at the image below.

I would like you to create a table of language that it inspires you to think about. I would like you to think about adjectives to describe what you can see, how you think the men are feeling inside the boat and verbs for the what the men might be doing. I have started a table for you here.

Adjectives for what

I can

Emotions of the men

aboard the boat

Verbs and actions of

the boat crew

rough scared hiding
harsh terrified sheltering
unforgiving optimistic shaking
stormy   quivering


I would like you to try and and use the language you have thought about to create either a poem or a diary entry written from the perspective of Shackleton on the that boat in that storm.

You need to try and engage the reader with the emotion and feeling of the storm, making us believe how much danger and how close to death these men are!

Your poem or diary can take any form you would like.



We are continuing to explore our new topic area of Giving and Receiving. We are going to explore the introduction to Eucharist.


When you go to a film or see a TV programme,what does it begin with?  A theme tune or song or something similar. The start of the Eucharist is the same, it has an introduction to prepare people for what is about to happen. Can you think of anything that starts the Eucharist?


Normally, the Sunday Eucharist will begin with a hymn, which may include something about the theme of that Mass or about people gathering. As this is sung, the priest and the servers walk in procession through the church towards the altar.  The priest kisses the altar first because it is a symbol of Christ.


It is with Christ and through the power of the Holy Spirit that the Church offers the Eucharist to God, the Father.  The priest represents Christ and everyone at the Eucharist has their own part to take in the celebration.  When the hymn is finished, the priest faces the people and makes the Sign of the Cross. The Eucharist has begun, the people gather in the name of the Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Listen to the welcoming hymn in the video below, make some notes as you listen and hear the words, what does it make you think about? 

Glory to God Hymn #401: Here in This Place

Glory to God Hymn #401: Here in This PlaceHere in this place the new light is streaming;now is the darkness vanished away;see in this space our fears and our...

I would you to create some form of art work to express the theme and messages from Glory to God. Your art can be anything you would like, a picture in paint, a picture in felt tips, a model, a collage or any other art you can think of.