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Good morning Elves and Happy Thursday smiley


Look below to see what we are up to today. Other than the Zoom sessions, everything else is just a suggested time depending on what suits you at home. Try and join us for our assembly at 2.10pm where we celebrate your efforts and achievements (including bronze, silver and gold certificates!) 



Reflection (as part of our 10am Zoom)

This week (1st February - 7th February 2021) is Children's Mental Health Week. The theme is 'Express Yourself'. We will watch this short clip together during our reflection time. Expressing yourself is about finding a way to show how you are feeling and feeling good about yourself. Be brave and express yourself! :-)

10am English (Zoom)


Tomorrow we have a special guest joining us for our 11.30pm Zoom session...Alexis Deacon the author of 'Beegu'! How very exciting! We are so lucky that he is going to take a short break from writing books to meet us virtually tomorrow! 


So today, I thought I would tell you a little more about him and then we could think of some interesting questions to ask him tomorrow. What would you like to find out?



11.30am Science

Last week we thought about keeping our bodies healthy by practising good hygiene. You made some super posters and wonderful videos about this - well done!


Today we are going to be thinking about the importance of exercise!

Spelling, punctuation and grammar


Today I'd like you to think about how we use apostrophes in contractions (or contracted words). A contraction is a short word created by putting two words together and then dropping one or more of the letters and replacing with an apostrophe e.g. I am would become I'm 

We tend to use these contractions when we are talking. 

Watch the first video to help understand this. Make a list of the contracted words.


Then watch the second video below which is just as fun! Can you add some more contractions to your list?


 heart Please send your list to our class email so I can see how you have got on! If you are finding this a bit tricky (this is also helpful to know) just watching the videos is enough for today heart



2.10pm EYFS & KS1 Assembly

2.45pm Storytime/quiet reading

You can read one of the non-fiction reports saved on Monday's learning page or you might like to listen to this fun story!